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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sponsor In May

Are you interested in sponsoring Lemons, Avocados & the Bay?
Wellll, I would love to have you. =)
I've changed my ad sizes a bit and limited the number of spots available to maximize each button's visibility.
All proceeds will go towards raising money for my trip to Blogher. So excited!

Check out my sponsor page for more information and send me an email if you're interested.

Most importantly, thanks for taking the time to read my words and leave your sweet comments. This little blog has really changed my life for the better.
So grateful.


Ioana-Carmen said...

Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X


Tisha said...

I found you via the Blog Hop. I so love doing this. Thanks from your newest follower. http://craftchickie.blogspot.com/


Justine said...

Stopping by from the Sunday Homepage Blog Hop! http://queenofsavings.com

Juliette said...

You always have sweet words, cute pictures and lovely stories + you make me want to come living in San Diego hah!



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