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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break. The San Diego Way

Spring break was just what I needed…
I don’t even think I realized how badly I needed some time to myself, a little break from answering emails, and some quiet times enjoying San Diego. Truth is, I think I’ve been over-doing almost everything in my life lately and I am officially resolving to slow down a bit.
Point is, spring break was good to me... so thankful =)

Last week Farra, little B, and I treated ourselves to a yummy lunch at C-Level. C-Level is this fabulous restaurant that's literally on top of the San Diego Bay. No joke, the entire thing is held up on stilts above the water. Cool eh? The restaurant has a perfect view of the Downtown San Diego skyline and Coronado. It's another one of those places we take friends when they come to visit. I really recommend it to anyone visiting San Diego.

The view from C-Level. It doesn't suck.

I'm straight up in love with this child. Sigh.

The Goods

That smile? It gets me every time.

Chicken quesadilla + downtown San Diego skyline

After lunch we made our way down to Seaport Village for a little walk through the bay. Seaport Village is a major tourist trap, but I still really really love it. It's right on the San Diego Bay, has a beautiful view of Coronado, and is in the heart of downtown San Diego. There are lots of little restaurants, shops, performers, and people selling little gadgets along the bay.

 And a little "locals only" hint for you: parking in Downtown San Diego can be horrendous (and expensive). You can park at Seaport Village, buy a stick of gum, and have your parking ticket validated for two hours. Hollllaa

There's a man who hangs out at Seaport Village all day and makes balancing rock sculptures. He's pretty incredible to watch.

A little outfit post
Shirt-Studio 1220, Jean shorts-Roxy via Marshalls, Shoes-Sperry, Sunglasses-Kate Spade, Necklace-No clue??

Ya just an upclose view of a San Diego trashcan and the Coronado bridge. =P


Wishing you a sweet day, and a great week.

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Katie said...

beautiful pictures!! glad you had a good break!

Michelle P said...

Great pictures!

Jussie De Guida said...

So so pretty! I am loving the two-tone nail polish you're rocking- my faaavvv!

Cara-Mia said...

Ohhh what a great view!

Ash said...

what a blast!! and i love the locals only tip (:

i NEED a pair of sperrys in my life.. dont know why i havent purchased some yet..

oh and little b, i mean.. seriously.. he's so stinking adorable it makes my heart melt.. and spending the day with farra sounds like an epic tale of awesomeness.. (yup, that's what i just said..)

Holly said...

You look so cute!! All these San Diego pictures make me want to take a vacation so badly!! :)

Eloquent English said...

What a great trip!!! I too need a pair of sperry's! I tried some on this weekend and didn't pull the trigger. Mainly b/c the hubs said my legs were to skinny...? Thanks...? xoxo A-

Natalia Lynn said...

Cute post! Gotta love san Diego! Thanks so much for linkng up today, love it! And love your blog, definitely a new follower!

Alexa said...

Great pics Tammy! Happy start to the new week!

Gina said...

Hmmm, I spy a Noon F necklace on Farra :). Glad you had a nice and relaxing spring break!

Amanda said...

I just went to Coronado this weekend! The beach was wonderful and we saw dolphins. I got fried to a crisp though and look like a tomato. Well worth it :)

Amanda said...

I just went to Coronado this weekend! The beach was wonderful and we saw dolphins. I got fried to a crisp though and look like a tomato. Well worth it :)

Emily said...

Glad you got some time to slow down. I felt the same about our 4-days of camping. It was nice to unplug, relax, and not even have to know what time it was everyday.

Melanie @ MB Bella Photography said...

I heart ALL things San Diego!!! You are sooo lucky to LIVE there!!! LoVE LOVE LOVE your blog....you are pure adorable!!! :)

Anna said...

Holy crap! Those balancing rocks are IMPRESSIVE!


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