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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break Status

Instagram is finalllllllllllllllllly available for Android users.
Hooray, I can finally be in with the cool kids. So stoked =)
The best part? Instagram was made available just in time for my spring break from work.  I spent lots of time capturing the prettiness that is San Diego. Here’s the proof.

1. First ever Instagram photo. Woop woop
2. View from lunch at C-Level on Tuesday afternoon. More photos to come this week
3. Self portrait while walking around Seaport Village
4.Blurry photo of Balboa Park
5. Relaxing with my mom in the OC
6. The Passover seder plate
7. Adding a little sparkle to my life
8. Taken at brunch at Claytons on Coronado Island
9. The Hotel Del Coronado
10. Just me and the beach

Now I know you want to add me on Instagram: BayParkDream

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate =)

P.S. Make sure you enter to win a $25 gift card to Forever 21 here


Amanda Nicole said...

I love Instagram! I got my iPhone the day before Android users were able to use Intagram. Just started following you on there!

Blane181 said...

I love that Instagram is now available for Android...I love it! I'm searching for you now.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Isn't Instagram THE best?!
Favorite app by far!

I was so stoked when I saw that you joined :)


Barrett Family said...

Beautiful pics! Love Instagram!! I'm now following you on Instagram under @Allykat13

Have a great day!


Jessica said...

I know! Isn't it EXCITING!!! -Jessica

Jodi Ann said...

yay!! I'm so glad everyone can use Instagram now! It took forever, to come out for Android users didn't it? I love all your photos :)

CMae said...

I'll look you up!! :) You always take such great pics!

Holly said...

I clicked over to your page from Jenni's link-up! I LOVE your photos :) We were in San Diego last summer & went to Balboa Park & Coronado Island :) I'm following you on Instagram now!

Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

I love the self portraits and the seder plate pics! I for one am thrilled you have instagram now!

Kara said...

Following you now at snugly_duckling! So happy you get to join us!

caitlin said...

i love instagram!!!


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