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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dont Look At Me

I know I know, I'm supposed to be on a serious spending freeze, but I had a facial scheduled at Urban Skin Care in Little Italy for months and I was not about to give it up.
I really had no other choice? This pale redhead had started noticing an overtaking of freckles on her forehead and some (gasp) "age related" skin issues that are kinda depressing. Must wear sunscreen everyday, must wear sunscreen every day....

On top of that I am not really a person who thinks facials are all that relaxing. The truth is, anytime someone looks at my face that closely I get kinda anxious. This is most likely due to the skin issues I had as a teenager and the complex that ensued. But I knew I had to get that facial and start taking better care of my skin, that's life eh?

All anxiety aside Larissa at Urban Skin Care took such good care of me.
I explained my teenage skin paranoia to her right away, becauseee well sometimes you just gotta get things out in the open in order to relax. Once I got over the drama explained my fears, Larissa went to work on me. She had recommended the Priori Coffeeberry Facial which is meant to reduce fine lines, lessen the signs of aging, and hydrate the skin. Added perk: it also includes a fabulous massage. 

I didn't feel anxious once during my facial. Instead, the opposite happened and I felt relaxed the entire time. I seriously almost fell asleep at one point. Larissa is good eh?

And the best part? My skin does feel and look more hydrated and I swear those "age related" issues I mentioned earlier? They are wayyyyyy less apparent now. 
(Larissa you are my new favoritest person ever. No but really, you are hehe)

Post facial glow

Urban Skin Care is so relaxing, but has a really down to Earth atmosphere. I really felt like I was in my element.
Urban Skin Care is a full service spa that offers all kinds of facials, massages, waxing, medical spa treatments, and manicure and pedicures. I also really love that they strive to provide holistic treatments and use natural products that are gentle on my sensitive skin. I left Urban Skin Care feelings so relaxed and refreshed.

If you're in the San Diego area and are looking for an incredible spa experience try Urban Skin Care.
I promise you will love it.

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Samantha said...

I need/want a facial! And I feel the same way, I get so self conscious when someone is all up in my biz (face), nor do I love looking at those extra-magnified mirrors! Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

oooo I've never had a facial. It's kind of (by that I mean totally) not in my budget. Maybe someday I'll splurge.


Samantha said...

BLAH! I think my account is spammed - I keep leaving comments on peoples pages and then they disappear! I've changed my password a few times and it still happens! Blah.

ANYWAYS, I totally have the same fear of ppl looking at my face so up close/all up in my biz. Also, those insanely-magnified mirrors are my worst nightmare. Glad you had fun!! :)

christin said...

Oh I for serious need a facial.

Cara said...

I've never had a facial but that does sounds relaxing!I don't really think that massages are all that relaxing either but I guess that is the point- to work out the problems.

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh how i could seriously go for a spa treatment right now!!

Jessica Gitler said...

ohhh, love me some facials, I just got my very first one about a year ago and microdermabrasion and I am in love it ... I go every 2 to 3 months now, I have no idea how I lived without it before!!

Kerri HollyMuffin said...

I'm a redhead too, so I totally know what you mean by the freckles from the sun. I get so worried when I see them start to multiply. People are like "Wow you look so tanned"- nope, that's just freckles spreading and taking over my entire face. haha. I really loved reading this post. Maybe I should try a facial? I've never had one before.
I'll have to look into it!
Kerri at HollyMuffin

Gina said...

age related skin issues are the WORST! I was in total denial that this would ever happen :).

Melissa said...

I've never had a facial, but freckles are overtaking my entire body, so maybe it's time?

I'm glad you got to relax during your treatment!

Kendra said...

I used to live in So Cal! A blogger meet up sounds so great! Have fun!

DJ said...

Ugh, I totally know how you [used to] feel. In Vegas a few years ago, my two friends and I got facials and they came out relaxed and refreshed. I, on the other hand, had spent the last hour listening to the aesthetician tell me I had skin like a teenager and huge blackheads.

I'm glad you found a good place!!

Danielle Nelson said...

HI Tammy! I am so glad you stopped by my blog, because now I am a new follower! Looking forward to following you.. from one California Girl to another :)

Lauryn said...

Facials really can do wonders, can't they?

You are gorgeous and glowing!


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