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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Montana Snow Vintage

Whether it is a classy structured dress or long and flowly hippy-ish style, I have always loved fashion of the 1950s and1960s.
I personally think vintage style is one of the things that makes the show Mad Men so addicting. Seriously, I partly watch the show for the clothes... you know you do too =P

via Mad Men
That being said, I really admire those patient stylish ladies who can walk into a vintage shop and find something beautiful.
Really now, I wish I was one of those girls.
The truth is when I walk into a vintage shop I usually become overwhelmed, and end up sitting in a cute retro chair in the middle of the store while my friends shop.
I know I know, I’m lame easily overwhelmed/distracted.

On that note, I was soo excited when I came across Laura’s etsy shop Montana Snow Vintage.
Laura does the hard part for you, she finds the vintage prettiness and then sells it in her shop.
Let me tell you… she's good (and her prettiness is affordable too).
Laura sells vintage clothing, jewelry, household items, and accessories in her shop.

I’m really loving this vintage 1960s red purse.
It’s very Joan from “Mad Man”. Don’t ya think? =P

and guess what? 

You can win this loveliness
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck =)


Melanie @ MB Bella Photography said...

ohhh that purse is DARLING!!! LOVE! xo

Tara St said...

I love the 80's paint splatter shirt in her store. Her store is awesome and so affordable!

Penniless Socialite

Tannita said...

You are totally right. This is SO Joan. I love Mad Men!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Yes, this is quite Joan. And I LOVE MAD MEN! This reminds me that I've gotta catch up on the new season. :D

Emily Baker said...

yeahhh i TOTALLY understand where you're coming from. Vintage can be hard. It takes A LOT of patience.

MissMorgan said...

Yeah, as much as I love thrifting, it can also be the bane of my existence.The occasional cute finds are worth it though!

Allie said...

Noooo I only watch Mad Men for their depiction of social structures in the ad exec world of the era and their in-depth characterization...Except not really :) no one van watch that show and ignore the beautiful vintage clothes and accessories and decor! I'm so in love with don and Megan's apartment. And I think Megan is my new source of fashion inspiration. I love everything about the show. I could probably talk for days about it haha. Great giveaway! Definitely a Joan bag from the color and all

Rachel said...

I love these earrings! http://www.etsy.com/listing/90644096/1950s-iridescent-beaded-cluster-earrings

Kristin W said...

Obsessed with the red canvas tennis shoes, but they aren't my size :( I'll go for the green bug eye sunglasses instead :)

Debbie @ OtRD said...

Love the 1970s red disco shoes!!

Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

I love the bubble top glass jar!

Kerri HollyMuffin said...

I loveee the 80s splatter shirt! So cute!


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