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Monday, April 30, 2012

Zebra Butts And Other Such Things.

"San Diegoooo, drink it in... It always goes down smooth"
Anchorman (aka the funniest movie... basically ever)
I am so grateful to live in a city with so many incredible things to do and see.

Last week I went to the San Diego Zoo for the first time since I was 6 years old.
Kind of silly right? I mean I do live in San Diego. You'd think I get to the zoo more. I was pretty impressed with the entire place, but I have a difficult time getting over the whole "animals in a cage" thing. I can't help but think that animals should live in the wild... not in zoo.
Oh well ya know? At least I know the animals are well taken care of at the zoo.

On the bright side the zoo does make for a fun afternoon with people I love and some beautiful photos. =P

Photo by Sveta Z.
 Auntie Tammy, Brendan, and Farra. So much cuteness happening here.
Photo by Sveta Z.
Photo by Sveta Z.

Apparently this camel was in the middle of shedding off its hair...
Photo by Sveta Z.

Love these little ones
Photo by Sveta Z.
Oh you know.. just a zebra butt.No big deal =P

Hope you had a happy weekend. Mine was quite eventful =P
I'm lucky to have good friends who support and understand me. Thanks to those of you who came out on Saturday night... even if it was shenanigans.


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

what fun. we had a similarly great experience at the phoenix zoo just a couple of months ago.

Erinn said...

Great Pictures!
Also, Anchorman 2. I can't WAIT.

Samantha said...

That zebra's got a lotta junk in her trunk! It also looks like she's got a fishtail braid thing goin on in her tail. How fashionable of her!

Anna said...

that last picture is classic. :)
looks like so much fun!

Cara-Mia said...

Anchorman is hilarious! It's been too long since I've seen it!

I haven't been to the zoo since grade school. I need to change that...

Your photos look great. How cute is Farra's little boy??

MissMorgan said...

I love the zoo! I haven't been in years and years. zoo-inspiration! I'm going this weekend. *decided*

caitlin said...

Looks like so much fun! I wish it would get nice here so I could take Jackson to the zoo!

Olivia.Dee said...

i love the zoo. the giraffe's are my favorite. and i'm not even sure why!

Ash said...

bah i SO know what you mean about the zoo... but really, what can ya do?

take pictures of zebras butts, that's what you can do (;

and thanks again for saturday! its always so much fun getting together with you gals (:

Sandy a la Mode said...

love the zebra butt shot! too awesome!!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

im laughing out loud that you posted the zebra butt photo - because when i went to the la zoo last summer, i had my own run-in with zebra anatomy...


hope you had a great time!

Bekuh said...

Looks like a pretty fun and funny trip to the zoo. You didn't fall into the bear cage did you!? Ha

Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

Great photos. The SD Zoo is so nice. My favorite thing there (besides the cute animals, of course) is the rad bar in the trees called "Albert's".

Wish I could have come to Madewell, I was celebrating my b-day with some visiting friends. Next time, I'll be there!

Melis said...

I went to your event! those cupcake things were amazing and I got a super cute shirt with the discount! :)


Allie said...

This. Looks. Like. So. Much. Fun! I've wanted to go the SD Zoo for forever and for some reason I never have! I have no idea why my parents never took me as a child. I've gone to Sea World but not the SD Zoo. And the LA zoo just doesn't compare. I told my boyfriend that the next time we go to San Diego, we have to go to the zoo, so it may just happen!

Anyway, I wish I could have gone to Madewell but I had work :( I'm still hoping to make it to a So-Cal blogger event in the near future though! You ladies look like so much fun to hang out with :)

Martie* said...

The zebra butt is amazing. Made my day :) Do you know I live in the city with the oldest zoo in Europe?! And i´ve been there around 5 years ago for the last time...thanks for the reminder.
I think we´re going to get there pretty soon :) xoxo

Kara said...

Such cute pictures! I've been dying for a zoo trip lately. I'll have to post when I do!

Katie.Daily said...

You take such great pictures! I need to add the San Diego Zoo to my 'to-do' list! And San Diego for that matter! I can't wait for my first trip!


Katie.Daily said...

You take such great pictures! I need to add the San Diego Zoo to my 'to-do' list! And San Diego for that matter! I can't wait for my first trip!


Nicole Marie said...

hahah that zebra butt!


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