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Friday, May 18, 2012

I Need A Vacation.

Lately all I've been thinking about is how much I want to get away for a little vacation to explore a new place. Lets just say I have a serious case of wanderlust.
(Yes, I know I live by the beach in San Diego... and I shouldn't be feeling too bad for myself =P)
But I can't seem to shake it... summer is almost here, and I have a serious urge to get away. I had planned to attend Blogher in NYC this summer, but due to circumstances that are not in my control I am no longer able to attend Blogher. I am really bummed about this, and wanted to say thank you to those of you who have supported me in my attempt to attend the conference.
Today I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, set some goals, and make my dream trip to Europe a reality... even if it's not going to happen this summer. Nadav and I are going to sit down this weekend, find out exactly how many frequent flyer miles we have, where we want to go, for how long, and figure out exactly how to make that trip a reality.

And in the meantime... I'm going to reminisce over pictures we've taken during past trips. Sighhh


Checking out the elephant seals on the way up to NorCal

Another Oahu photo

Do you have any advice regarding European travel? Where to stay? Where to go? Where to EAT (that's a big one for me hehe)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend
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emenchho said...

I have been needing a vacation since my last one...in November! ha Just a month until my Punta Cana trip. :)

Mapping out your trip is a great plan! I did that when I started saving for my month long journey to Australia and New Zealand! It was seriously the best time of my life!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i totally need a vacation too!! would love to go to california or even australia!!

krys said...

i need a vacation too...or to just live in hawaii :)

Clare said...

I just got back from Italy and it was amazing! We visited Rome, Florence, and Sorrento and it was heavenly. We rented an apartment in Rome and stayed in a great hotel in Sorrento - I have been posting lots of travel details on my blog! I can give you more details, though, if you are seriously interested!

Samantha said...

Depending on where you'd like to visit, they have some pretty nice hostels, believe it or not, in and near Paris. They might sound scary, but you can't beat the prices. You can usually find a solo-hostel (not a community one with a ton of other ppl in it) for about $40 per night.

If you DO go to Paris, eat at Cafe de Flor - It's in the heart of Paris, not too far from the Eiffel Tower. We had tea there almost every morning!

This is making me want to plan another vacation to Europe! You need to go for at least two weeks... at LEAST. Amsterdam was really pretty (tulips, windmills, people biking EVERYWHERE)!

Lauryn said...

I completely understand the feeling! Sitting down and planning out an amazing trip like this will definitely give you something to look forward to. Setting specific goals to work toward always makes it feel like more of a reality!

When i visited France and Italy I was pretty young, and the trip was all planned for us by a tour company. I wish I had had more freedom and flexibility. Next time!

My advice: bring comfy walking shoes :)

Cindy and Jordan said...

haha i know what it is like to live in SD and still want a vacation ;P. That's because we know what june gloom is and the marine layer that sometimes makes san diego not so sunny. I hope you get a nice vacation! My husband and I are off to Brazil next month.

Robyn said...

So much to do and see in Europe-and pretty costly-how about Croatia, still not as touristy and 'done' like other countries-but oh so beautiful...and you could always do another stop-depending who you fly with-Paris/Amsterdam (Yesss)/London...

Olivia.Dee said...

take me with!

Cara-Mia said...

How exciting! I would love to go to Europe some day, Ireland in particular. Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see where you decide to go. :)

And I'm so sorry to hear about BlogHer. :(. Maybe you can go to Alt instead?

Anna said...

Oh, I feel you... I have baaad wanderlust on a daily basis. At least you live somewhere GORGEOUS! That's gotta help at least a little bit ;)

How exciting to be planning a trip to Europe! I've never been, but would looove to go some day.

Nicole Marie said...

there will never be enough time or money but sometimes you just have to do it... basically all of europe is amazing, it just depends on what kind of trip you want to have... two days in lots of different places and countries or pick one country and spend your time exploring that one country... excited for you!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

come visit la! you can crash with me :) a mini vacation can totally lift your spirits!

Ruth and Nans said...

this post is making me want to go to hawaii way too bad. wish i had advice on europe but i've never been!

Shannon said...

I'm already ready for another vacation as well. Your pictures of Oahu are making me want to go back so badly. I'd love to go to Europe as well.


Alesha said...

Hi! I found your blog via the live.laygh.rowe blog hop. I'm excited to be following along! =)
Alesha <3

emily @ anna delores said...

Tammy! If you are wanderlusting for FOOD, I strongly recommend ITALY. It has all the awesomeness of Europe in terms of history, tourism, fun stuff to see, and the FOOD is INCREDIBLE. I went to Florence/Rome/Venice a couple of years ago and I'm telling you, every meal I had there was the BEST meal of my LIFE! I've also been to Paris, London, Sweden, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Austria... they are all fabulous and you'll have a great time no matter where you end up in Europe! Have fun planning!

Ash said...

sorry to hear you cant make it to blogher ): BUT, the good news, justin and i are trying to get our butts to europe next year.. care to make it a double date?!?!?

Jenny said...

I am always needing another vacation! Luckily I am a flight attendant, so that helps. Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop...I am your newest follower! I would love if you would check out my blog and if you like what you see please follow back :)
Modern Modest Beauty

Brittany Campbell said...

Gorgeous photos. AH, I miss the sun and the beach! Obvi if you come to Europe then Paris should be on your list because 1. its amazingly amazing 2. we could have the most awesome blate in history. Just sayin :)

But really, anywhere in Europe you can't go wrong. My favs: Barcelona, Munich, Cinque Terre, NICE!, and I will be able to report back on Milan next week!

Brittany Campbell said...

Gorgeous photos. AH, I miss the sun and the beach! Obvi if you come to Europe then Paris should be on your list because 1. its amazingly amazing 2. we could have the most awesome blate in history. Just sayin :)

But really, anywhere in Europe you can't go wrong. My favs: Barcelona, Munich, Cinque Terre, NICE!, and I will be able to report back on Milan next week!

Sabrina said...

I have a lifetime worth of Euro suggestions..

first up..

can we come!?


Natasha said...

Omg.. so many amazing places in Europe, the hardest part is picking one (or two, or three). Spain is personally my favorite in the summer time.

The husband and I are heading to London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Amsterdam and Brussels in Septmeber. Can. Not. Wait!

Lauren said...

you definitely need a vacation! you looked so relaxed in the pictures:)

Lauren {Stylized Existence} said...

Tammy, I have a few favorites:
If you want to do the beach but also have a place to explore: Barcelona
If you want history and BEAUTIFUL sites: Prague (lived there for a while)
If you want to go somewhere not a lot of people go: Lisbon (the weather is PHENOMENAL.... hot and sunny during the day and cool and breezy at night), it's not too touristy, and it's easy to get around. Also there are some fantastic restaurants there.

I also LOVE florence.
Hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you want, too :)

Allie said...

planning a trip? apparently we really do have a lot to talk about! i write for a travel company and would LOVE to talk about where in europe you should go :)!

Anonymous said...

I went for 29 days 2 years ago and Europe is amazing! I say def do Paris for a few days. I stayed at the Hidden Hotel and it was right in the center of everything! Loved it!
I also say go to Florence. So beautiful plus you can take day trips from there to several other Italian cities. But my all time favorite place in Europe is Capri, Italy. Just magic! But I was told Positino has the same feeling. Don't stay in Pisa just stop thru see the leaning tower, take pics and leave. Head to Cinque Terre from there.


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