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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Punky and the City

I have a sweet treat for you today.
Meet Jen, or as she's known around the internets.. Punky.
She's awesome, inspiring, and well living her dreams.
If you ask me, there's nothing better than making your dreams a reality. 

Hi peoples :) I'm Punky (otherwise formally called Jen). I have one of these blogs now too and I don't know, maybe you'd like to check it out? Punky and the City, I call it!

It's a funny story, really. Or maybe not. I don't know. BUT, I started blogging as a means to get over a break up. Yup, back in December, after only the 28374th heartbreak in a row, I said that's it. I'm doing ME and ME alone for awhile, and with it, I decided to give blogging a try. Not only to get my feelings out and find something to fill my time with, but to rehash any writing abilities I may have that could potentially serve me professionally in the future. 

In addition to jumping head first into this whole blogging movement, I begin scheming for my next move. Truth be told, as a recent college graduate, I was living the dream already. I had a gorgeous beachside living situation in Dana Point, plus a full-time job in Laguna Beach where I was getting promoted fast. Not to mention all the wonderful friends I had made in the three and half years I lived in Orange County. And lastly, a dude, who I still, at times wonder about. I wonder if I had stayed, if things between him and I would have been different. You know, if things would have "worked out."

But I didn't stay. I left. I left even though, technically everything was going quite well for me. I mean yeah, OK. There were some financial stresses (THE OC is no cheap place to live!), LOTS of working plus previously mentioned "dude" problems, but for the most part, I was happy and comfortable. So why did I leave? Because somehow I managed to embrace the feeling that there were bigger and better things waiting for me elsewhere. Elsewhere being New York City.

Yup. It's a city I've been dreaming about living in ever since I was a little girl. And when I say dream, I mean dream. And I think I'm not alone in saying that we all share places and things in which we dream about experiencing in our lifetimes. And we all think, 

"if only" 
"how nice that would be" 

But then it never happens, does it? We come up with a zillion excuses as to why it's 

"just a dream"

 ..... and why is that, people?! Who is to say we can't make our dreams a reality? Who is to say I can't just drop everything in my life and switch lanes completely, in honor of what I wanna do in my life? Pretty sure no one, right. At least not for me, not now. So that's what I did. I dropped everything in Orange County, moved back North with my parents and now as I type to you here in the marvelous blogosphere, I am simultaneously preparing to move to NYC this summer. Not for a job or for school, just simply because I can. And I want to. Because this is my life, and I want to seriously hug the crap out of every adventure that comes knocking on my soul. 

Has this decision been rough? Totally. After all, I am leaving my whole world behind. My family, all of my California friends. And in the process of preparing for my move, I've had to return home with my parents for the first time in five years and just marinate in this awkward period of transition where all kinds of self-doubt and second-guessing has been poking away at me. I've had severe moments of fear and reconsideration. Moments where I think too much about, "not making it in the city", "being a prodigal daughter of sorts after only six months (if even that)", "getting mugged in an alley way". (just for starters)

And then I am saved by my own faith. I am saved by the support of others. And I am saved by the fact that life is all about taking risks and taking chances. No matter what happens, life goes on. Better to have at least checked a few things off our bucket lists and developed a collection of stories along the way..am I right or am I right??!

I'm about to live my dream, boys and girls. And you're invited to the show. I hope you'll attend. I have some nice seats saved for you !

Also, I encourage all of you to think about what it is you really wanna do.. places you want to go? Can you make it happen? I know Tammy in her last post, talked about going to Europe. I have all the faith in the world that she can make it happen! How rad if six months or a year from now she was blogging to us from Italy? Or Ireland? It's not as far-fetched as it may seem. Not at all. And so I ask, where do YOU want to go?

Last, but certainly not least, I have to give a HUGE thanks to Tammy. This girl has been SUCH a huge supporter and good bloggy friend to me since I got started in all of this in January. I think we can all agree she's pretty awesome (hence our mutual gathering in this space), so yes. Thank you, Tammy!

And thank you Jen!
You truly made my blog a better place
Now make sure you head over to Punky and the City to show Jen some love. You won't regret it =) 


Ronida Veedor said...

Aw. Thanks Punky! I'm currently in the state of chasing my dreams. :)

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Jen is awesome :)
Great post chica!

Amy @ Picture It said...

Loves to you Punky! Great post and so proud of you for chasing your dreams. I'm excited to read more about your adventures. :)

wildchild said...

i love this. good for you, girl! you take on that big city :)

Emily Hope said...

You only chose New York because of the proximity to Canada right?

I love your blog and so glad you're part of the blogosphere. I enjoy your corner of the interweb immensely.

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

wow, just what i needed today! thanks!

Allie said...

this is great! its so important to do what you love and make your dreams come true... RIGHT NOW. good for you!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post! I love her whole "do it because you can" mentality! Definitely following Punky on bloglovin now!



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