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Friday, May 25, 2012

You Can Do It

 Have you heard about Richelle Zampella?
 She's 11 years old, in the 5th grade, and a bit of a spelling genius. She has worked so hard and is so skilled that next week she's heading to Washington D.C. for the National Spelling Bee. There's just one more thing..
Richelle is blind and has been reading and typing Braille since she was 5 years old.

Did you ever think there was something you couldn't achieve?
Some goal you just couldn't reach?
Well find that motivation and keep at it because like Richelle, you can make your dreams a reality.
It might not be easy, but it's possible.

(And a little something you didn't know... While I was in college I worked with a little boy who is blind. While working with him I taught myself how to read and type Braille so I could help him with his classroom assignments. It was an awesome experience)


And now check out some fabulous ladies and the little things that inspired and make them smile each day

Martie of Spunkyrella
It just happens to be Martie's 30th BIRTHDAY TODAY!! She lives in Vienna, has great style, and I really enjoy her fitness posts. Check out her blog and wish her a very happy birthday
1. clean sheets
2. the smell of fresh chocolate cake
3. a simple smile

Robyn is another of those incredibly inspiring lady bloggers. She is living her out her dreams in Africa, and writes beautiful posts about her adventures. 
1. Weekend morning runs (followed by coffee and croissants to undo all the good!)
2. Packing for holidays (knowing I am going to have a new adventure or spend time with people I love)
3. Emails, letters and phone calls from friends and family around the world


Liz of Try On Life
Liz grew up on a boat, met and married her love, and now lives on a farm. She takes the most beautiful photos and has this way of inspiring me to get off my couch and enjoy being outdoors.
1. My husband & dogs. Always no matter what.
2. Water. My beverage of choice & I still at 25 wish I was a mermaid.
3. A clean house, who doesn't love a clean house?

Happy Weekend My Friends =)
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Samantha said...

Tammy! What an awesome thing you did for that little boy! Learning how to read and type Braille?! Wow. You are such a good person.

Going to check out these ladies blogs now!

Robyn said...

you sweet thing, thank you!

Anna Elder said...

Yesterday while my husband was at lunch there was a guy with two artificial legs in front of him in line and he was holding his daughter. He said he would remember that guy forever whenever something seemed impossible. :)

Happy Friday!

Martie* said...

Thanks for the love Tamms! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful post Tammy, I love the simple reminder that anything is possible and that little girl is such a great example :)



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