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Friday, June 8, 2012


Dear Boyfriend, I'm craving an adventure. Lets do something fun and exciting this weekend.
Dear Blog Readers, I heart you and your comments make me smile.. a lot.
Dear June Gloom, please don't make an appearance this weekend. I am envisioning myself at the beach and would appreciate it if you didn't get involved.
Dear Headstand, I've worked towards mastering you for years and still haven't quite "made it". I'm almost there and am hoping I can figure you out in a yoga class sooner than later.
Dear Summer Vacation, You aren't coming until the end of July, but I just thought you should know that I love you. Come quickly, mhm k?
Dear Kindle, I miss you. It's time for us to spend some quality time together with a new book.
Dear Rock N' Roll Marathon Runners, You really inspired me last weekend. You inspired me so much I registered for next year's half marathon. Eek!!

And just for a fun, a little review of what happened on the blog this week:
Monday: A Bikini Fashion Show
Tuesday: Blogging Do's And Don'ts
Wednesday: To Help Me Grow
Thursday: A review of a peonie floral arrangement class

Dear Friends,
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



Liz said...

I can't believe you registered for a marathon, I could never ever do that!! I will be cheering you on from the East Coast!!! Have a great weekend!!

Sarah Dawneé said...

The letters post is a neat idea!
Enjoy your weekend! =)

Ash said...

dear tammy, you are awesome! and i hope you have a lovely weekend.. also, if you get send some of the gloom inland, i'll send some of the sun/heat westward... deal?


Gina said...

half marathon? you're crazy!

Robyn said...

rock on!

Jessica said...

You registered for the marathon! Oh my god! So excited for you! I don't know why I get so excited when people start running long distances! It's not like I'm always looking for a running buddy! But I just hope you love it as much! It's a very doable goal but must be done in bits and pieces! YAY!-Jessica

Lauren said...

congrats on the half-marathon. you will love it! and the weather has been tricky. super beautiful during the week and then gloom for the weekends.

...love that you are on the letter link-up. it's my fav!

Cara said...

I know!! June gloom in San Diego was CRAZY last weekend. It was almost too cold for the hot tub. I'm so excited that you signed up for the half next year. You will love it!

Martie* said...

i love your blog so much. Maybe I should joind those Friday´s letters. sounds like so much fun!! ... still swooning over your peonies actually.... :)

Cara-Mia said...

Wow a half marathon! That's awesome! Go, Tammy!

I'm missing my eReader, too. I need to start a new book pronto.

Have a great weekend! I'm actually hoping for cooler weather because I want to go to the Pasadena Rose Bowl on Sunday and would like to enjoy it haha.

Bex said...

Hope you and your boyfriend do something crazy exciting this weekend!xo

Allie said...

seriously june gloom needs to take a hike...!

as for an adventure have you guys hiked to "potato chip rock?" its on my list ive heard its way cool!

Frankie said...

Love your letters and your blog! Have a happy weekend.

Shaina Longstreet said...

I love these letters posts. Might have to play along next week! :D Glad to have found your blog.

Britt said...

A half marathon?! You go girl!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

letters like these are my favorite! enjoyed reading yours! happy weekend. xo

cynthia said...

I'm trying to talk my BF into the drive in this weekend! One truck, two movies, lots of snacks and blankets. :) (There are 2 that I know of. Santee and South Bay)
Also, ditto on the June Gloom - STAY AWAY!!

anna marie said...

i've happily compulsively read your blog for hours last night. i feel like we're bffs already! (and i'm insanely jealous you're so close to the ocean!)

have a lovely day, lady!

xo.anna marie

Jess said...

The runners inspired me too! I haven't signed up yet but I put it on my calendar just in case :)

Abra said...

those runners inspired me too--my bf and I are running the Carlsbad half in January!


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