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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stolen Smores And A Beach Bike Ride

There's just something that happens when I cross the bridge into Coronado Island. Something just shifts, slows down, and I really feel like I'm away on a little getaway. It's the very best.

And the truth is, there are few things I love more than a summer time bike ride around Coronado Island.
Shirt- Gap 2 years old, Shorts-Roxy Outlet: Similar, Shoes-Saltwaters.. and since some of you asked my bike is an Electra Townie 7d. I love her.

 We stopped at The Village Pizzeria for some garlic knots... and they were booomb.

We arrived at the Hotel Del and I was oh so excited to find that the hotel was putting on a private party for hotel guests on the beach complete with a band, drinks... and the best part? Fire pits and 'SMORES. There are few things that makes me as nostalgic and happy as 'smores. They just hit the spot and remind me of the long summer days I spent at the beach as a child (thanks Mom =P) Soo I decided to overlook that whole "private" party thing, walked right past security, and made myself (and Nadav) a 'smore.... sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do =P

I am so excited to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow and am so grateful to live in a country where I truly am free. Happy almost 4th of July friends =)

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And one last thing, thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post about my blogiversary. This little blog has changed my life in so many ways, but the best part was meeting and connect with all of you. 

Happy Tuesday Friends!



Irene @ Inspiration From The Little Things said...

Wow, Coronado Island does look beautiful! I do wish I could travel to the US someday! :-)

Celeste said...

Gorgeous photos! Adding Coronado Island to my list of places I must visit :)

christin said...

That is my favorite hotel in the whole world and I am beyond JEALOUS!!!

jackie said...

ha stealing s'mores is the way to do it! and those garlic knots look delishhh

noomiy said...

My goodness! I love this pic with the ship and sunlights!
And also I'm so jealous of this beautiful view!!

Alli said...

Those shoes are cute! Are they comfortable as well?

I am a firm believer that there is nothing better than being near a body of water in the summertime! Of course, a close number two is having smores so it looks like you're winning all around!

Treasure Tromp said...

sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to get your hands on a 'smore

♥ Ka`ili said...

Coronado island sounds super fun!! great pictures Tammy! :) have fun :)

Allie said...

WHAT are those garlic balls? and smores just happen to be my favorite dessert ever. anddd im pretty sure im wearing the same nailpolish as you:)

Anonymous said...

Smores have a special place in my heart too! :)


Cara-Mia said...

I love Coronado. Can't believe you got into a private party. Lucky. ;)

Those sandals are too cute. I want some now.


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