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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Best(s)

You know you're kinda sorta obsessed with the dolphins at Sea World when you go twice in the same week, and on one of those occasions you go by yourself and hang out at the dolphin tank for two and a half hours. Yup, it's a totally normal (and happy) thing to do. =P


And on to other matters...these two ladies, they make me really really happy too. Yes, they are sweet, but they're also inspiring. Martie lives in beautiful Vienna, and is a genuinely kind person who is finding the beauty in life. Robyn is a world traveler and just spent a year teaching and learning in Africa.  Both of these ladies are wonderful and I am so happy to share their blogs with you.

Hi, I´m Martie and I am living across the pond in Vienna, Austria. When I don´t stalk my girl Tammy, I have my own little blog called Spunkyrella where you can join me talking about pretty things, being silly and very outspoken at times.

It´s my goal to get greener, leaner and braver one crazy day at a time. Join me!


 Even though I have just packed my suitcase and said goodbye to Nairobi, my blog, 'Africa, My Africa', is my scrapbook and journal of my adventures in Africa. I write when I am inspired about anything from running  to life as an expat.

Have a sweet day friends 



Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

Thanks for the love!
One day - you and me - at the dolphin tank - just sayin´ ;) xo

Anonymous said...

i love vienna! i went once and have been dying to go back

Cara-Mia said...

Oops just realized I forgot to send you my photo + info. So sorry, Tammy! Anyway, these ladies seem awesome. :)

Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

@Morgan let me know when you´re around ;)

Robyn said...

Thanks Tammy! Sweet thing. Sounds like some great tank time!

Sarah Pete said...

What neat ladies! Definitely going to give them a look :]
And the whole dolphin thing . . . I feel you there. I could spend days hanging out at the Sting Ray petting area at the Orlando SeaWorld. Best theme park EVER. Can't get enough :]

NookAndSea said...

I have a feeling I'm about to be seriously inspired :) I traveled to Uganda in '07, so I'm itching to check out these girls and their travels! Hope you're well, Tammy!!

Nook & Sea


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