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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Fun Day In Vienna With Martie

Hi Friends, I have a special treat for you today from all the way in Vienna for you today. =)
Hello lovers of Tammy and Lemon, Avocado & the Bay readers! I am Martie and usually blog over at Spunkyrella but today Tammy and I decided to treat our readers to a little blog-vacation to another city. You San Diego beach vixens are heading over the big pond today to get to know the great city I live in, Vienna. When I see Tammy´s great beach photos I often tell her, that I have to come over, that´s actually how the idea for our Switch-Guest-Post started. While I take you out and about in Vienna, Tammy´s taking over Spunkyrella and relocates it right to the beach :) I hope you all have as much fun reading along as we had coming up with this idea! Enjoy! Photobucket 
Welcome to Vienna Tamms! Well as soon as I picked you up at the Vienna International Airport, we´re back in the city getting one of those city bikes. They used to be free but because of vandalism they charge 2 euros an hour, the first one is free. They´re in pretty good shape and excellent to show you around in my hometown. So I guess we´re going to start in the heart - the inner city of Vienna. I am going to show you one of the most famous monuments, the St. Stephens Cathedral which is newly restored and a few nice places like the fountain at Neuer Markt (above). Then I guess you´ll be hungry and you want to have a Viennese specialty, then of course I have to take you to have the famous Wiener Schnitzel or Viennese Escalope translated. The original one is made of veal, but these days it´s also made of chicken a lot. If you want to stay traditional here, you have to have it with potatoe salad. Photobucket 
For dessert you´ll get Melange, a strong espresso with milk and foam and a little cocoa powder and top accompanied by the very popular Sachertorte which is basically a very sweet chocolate cake filled with apricot jam in the middle and usually served with a big dollop of whipped cream. As a real Viennese girl, I must admit I don´t like it that much but it´s your first time here so you HAVE TO go for it :) After that filling but hopefully yummie meal, I´d like to take you to the Danube Island with our rental bikes. Are you in? Photobucket 
It takes us about 15 minutes to get there, we could also take the subway, but hey remember that lunch? We need to get active here, haha. I always feel like having a mini-vacation of sorts when I am at the island. It instantly gets you out of the hustle and bustle of a big city and back to nature. It´s divine and if it´s hot you can dive into the Danube for a little swim, too. As soon as we got rid of our rentals - there are several stations throughout the city - we head to the subway and as little as 30 minutes later we´re at the other side of the city. It´s the 13th district, home of the Schonbrunn Palace. Yes, this is where Empress Elisabeth of Austria used to live and next to it you´ll find the world´s oldest zoo, the Schonbrunn Zoo. Photobucket 
Isn´t it nice here? Afterwards I guess we´re heading for another coffee. Yes, coffee is big in Vienna and it would put the traditional coffee lovers to shame to hear that I love me some Starbucks over traditional Viennese Coffee Houses. But what can you do?! I don´t really like them because you´re still allowed to smoke in there and as a non-smoker myself, I don´t need that. After a little rest I´ll take you out for dinner and cocktails. We have great Italian eateries and Sushi places to choose from. One cocktail or two and then it´s time to head back to the airport, girl! It was great to show you around until the next time in Vienna or as we say over here: ViennaNight1


Sarah Tucker said...

beautiful! i just adore vienna!

Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

Thanks for the love girl :) There´s tons of Spunky Lemon Love, I feel it :)


Anonymous said...

I love the idea behind this blog post, I really felt like I was traveling Vienna! How wonderful. :)



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