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Friday, August 24, 2012


 Dear Vacation,
You've treated me so so well, andddd you are about to end. {Sigh} Here's to having a good weekend, slowing down, and living in the moment. It's almost time to get back to the grind.

Dear SoCal Bloggers,
I am really looking forward to meeting you on Saturday night. =) We have a few more spots available, RSVP here if you're interested in join us for an evening of fun, spa services, and wine.

Dear Self,
Yes vacation is over, but realxxxxx you live in flipping San Diego and you have plenty of fun and relaxing days ahead of you... whether or not they include work. {Trying to convince myself that going back to is not the end of the world =P}

Dear Coffee,
Have I ever told you you how sweet you sound when you drip into my coffee cup? Just sayin.

Dear Bravo,
You suck me in with your ridiculous "reality" shows. Thanks for bringing Work of Art into my life, like I really needed another reality show to watch each week. =P

Dear Nadav,
Today I make YOU dinner. I know, I know it is a rarity. I admit I didn't make dinner once over the 3 weeks I had off of work, but I know you are so happy I'm finally getting around to it. hehehe #PshewAtLeastHeLovesMe

Dear Hashtag,
Who knew I would feel the need to use so often in my day to day life? #Ridiculous #NotGettingOld

Dear Friends,
Hope you have a sweet sweet weekend

Just in case you missed them, some fun things that have happened on the blog over the past couple of weeks
- I showed you my parents' kitchen renovation
- I recapped my visit to LA
- Bekuh wrote a GREAT guest post about how to take better outfit photos
- I wrote about how sweet it feels to go home
- Nadav and I spent a long beachy day together



Allie said...

woo hoo see you tomorrow!

ps i ate at d bar in hillcrest last night and got a dish called 'avos avos avos' and it reminded me of you lol delish!

Gina said...

excited for tomorrow night =).

Gina said...

p.s. I am a bravo addict. it sucks up so much of my time...

Treasure Tromp said...

see you tomorrow! And enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Haha! I haven't gotten to the point that I use hash tags in real life, but I used to say "slash" A LOT. It was worse when I would actually use a "slash" hand motion as I said it.

Have fun at the SD blogger meet-up (that I want to crash)!

Jane said...

My husband and I are from Vegas and you're picture definitely made me a little homesick!

Jes said...

Great picture!

I love to hashtag. It just makes everything more fun! I even air hashtag sometimes. #longhairdontcare #idowhatiwant

Evani Gatsby said...

SO jealoussss of tomorrow, have a ton of fun and take tons of pics! We'll meet someday Tammy, it's a must!!


Sarah said...

Enjoy your blog meetup!!


Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles said...

Wish I could make the weekend get together! I hope you all have a great time chilling at the spa

Nicholl Vincent said...

how fun, a blog meet up!!

Happy Friday! have a great weekend! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

Jessie said...

Popping over from the link up, I couldn't agree more about Bravo, everytime they have a new show on I'm talking myself out of watching but I just get SUCKED in!

Nuha said...

ahhhh vegas sounds so amazing right now. hope you had fun on your vacation! my last one was to l.a./ san diego and we LOVED it!

Maggie said...

Have a blast at the blogger meet up! I wish I could fly out there just for the weekend to meet all of you and go to the spa get together = )

brooke said...

I feel your pain with going back to work. I am a teacher in San Diego, and the kids come back to school on Monday. Summers off really are the best, especially when you live in San Diego!


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