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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Love LA

Last week I went up to LA to visit my Gila Joon.
It's been a long time since I've been up to LA because really, us San Diegans have a tough time leaving our city... especially for a trip to LA. =P (Kidding kidding, ok not really hehe)
Anyway, my time in LA was wonderful and really brought me back to my UCLA days. Those were some goooood days. Oh college, you treated me so well. =)

We ventured to the Santa Monica Pier.

 Made my dreams come true hit up Sprinkles Ice Cream

Ordered coffee ice cream, topped with brownies, in a red velvet cone. #Heaven #GimmeMeMore

Hung out in an hanging egg chair at The Standard hotel in Hollywood
 (Note to self, push up glasses before taking photos hehe)

And watched a really inappropriate ridiculous 80s cover band, Steel Panther. Lets just say I left the concert slightly traumatized.... =P

I had so much fun, and am really looking forward to my next trip up to the City Of Angels =)
Thanks Gila Joon


Hope you have a great day



Anna said...

FUN! I've been to the Santa Monica pier and LOVED it!!

Lotus Blossom Design said...

beautiful picture! xo

Ash said...

now this is MY kind of trip, my friend (:

80s cover bands?!?!!? oh my..

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I lived in LA for a year, and SD is definitely better! However, I understand your ties because of your UCLA days. :-) Great pictures! Your red sandals are so cute too!

Olivia.Dee said...

fun fact: i used to be a Steel Panther groupie when they were small time playing at Typhoon's for Metal Skool Wednesdays :)

Kendall said...

Tammy, this is great! I have been wanting to e-mail you for some time on how much I admire your blogging. Though, I had to leave a comment on this post, because those red sandals are fantastic!!!! xoxo

Britt said...

Sprinkles Ice Cream sounds AMAZING! Can't wait to check it out. Also, if I lived in SD too, I would rarely leave!

Evani Gatsby said...

Gah I want Sprinkles Ice Cream! That looks delish! I love the Pier too.


Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

Love that pic of you in front of the wall.... like a lil girl in a toy store ;)

And Steel Panther - really?!

Oh the 80s ;)


Robyn said...

glad you had fun lovely lady!

OrdinaryTraveler said...

Good for you for making it out of the bubble! You got some great photos out of it. I have had 2 free food tour tickets in LA for over a year and I still haven't made it happen! Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday. - Christy @ Ordinary Traveler

Anna said...

ahh i miss LA!!! And Steel Panther is THE BEST!!!!!! please tell me you went all out in 80's gear! I may or may not have once danced on stage with them I pet the main guys hair because it's so fluffy. Oops.

Treasure Tromp said...

I love the Standard. And I desperately need to get to Sprinkles asap

Allie said...

i. want. spinkles. now.

Lacey in the City said...

Glad you had fun in my town!! Isn't Sprinkles Ice Cream so good?? Next time, you need to try the Salted Caramel- it's amazing!

Jessica said...

I can't stand driving in L.A. traffic which is why I am horrible about visiting my family! And I love Santa Monica- actually, there is only a few places in L.A. I like anymore! San Diego is the place to live! And I need to try Sprinkles ice cream! -Jessica L


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