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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today Is..

It's 6:50am and it just happens to be my first real day of summer vacation, hollllllla. I clearly don't have that whole "sleep in Tammy, you're on vacation" thing down, but in my defense I am a morning person and sleeping in was never my thing. ;)
I'm going to spend the day getting in a good workout, driving up to the OC to visit my parentals (so excited!), get in some beach time with my mom, and hopefully a little shopping with her because shopping always more fun when my mom is with me. =P

This summer I plan to
-Go to the beach every single day
-Workout 4-5 days a week
-Appreciate the moment
-Read 6 books
-Watch less TV (unless the Olympics or Shark Week are on... I love me some Shark Week)
-Take the ferry to Catalina Island with Nadav for the day
-Take a little vacay to Las Vegas
-Catch up on emails...
-Spend time learning more about photography and shooting in manual-Take a short trip to LA to visit friends AND go to Sprinkles Ice Cream!
-Go to Sea World at least twice a week to visit the dolphins
-Spend less time shopping/on the couch and more time living
-Go to the Del Mar races at least 2 more times.
-COOK. I've kinda been slacking in that department.
-Bike ride around Coronado Island at least 2 times.
-CLEAN! (did you hear that Mom? I promise to clean =P)
-Watch Gabe perform in Fiddler On The Roof at the Moonlight Theater in Vista (Go Gabey!)
-Go sailing again (I haven't posted about our first sailing experience but lets just say I screamed "I HATE THIS I HATE THIS!!" multiple times, we got stuck on the sand 3 times, got laughed at by people hanging out on the shore, but after about 30minutes of misery we got the hang of sailing and I LOVED every second. Lesson Learned: Calm down, trust your man, and think before you scream hehe. Lesson Also Learned: Sailing is a great couple bonding activity hehe)

Truth is, I work all year to appreciate the summertime in San Diego. :)



Sarah Pete said...

Ok, your summer sounds absolutely DIVINE. Enjoy every minute of it and have a great one!

Sarah Pete said...

Saw your guest post over on "Jenni Austria Germany"--that DOES look like the best vacation ever. Just as I thought it wouldn't get better, you had another picture that topped it . .. "Oh, cool car. Hammocks are the best! No, wait, waterfalls are the best! A SEA TURTLE?!?! HOLY FREAKN COW! A SEA TURTLE!!!"
What a great experience :] Thanks for sharing it!

Allie said...

can i PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be your date to LA to try out sprinkles ice cream!?

and what are the odds... i'll be at the moonlight theater tomorrow to see fiddler... my co workers daughter is in the play!!! come tomorrow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seeing all of your SD beach pictures makes me miss that place every single time! The Imperial Valley does nothing for me...haha. That's a great SD list!!

Ash said...

i'm only hoping that we can accompany you guys on some of these festivities!!! ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!!!

me? i'm getting excited for the boys to go back to school next week, which basically puts me back to my part time working status i.e. getting back into grad school mode, and also gives me way more "free" time.. and by free, i of course mean, gym and cleaning/projecting/fixing up the house time.. i've been slacking in ALL of these departments lately...

i want to go sailing!!!

rach. said...

love this! great aspirations.

love, rach.

Ava said...

I just found your blog~ love your pictures.
I'm another Cali girl living in the North. Excited to read more.

Morg said...

Great pics!! I love California. By the way, your blog is adorable!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your Summer! My vacations start today too, not going anywhere special, but planing on resting a lot. So excited too!

Treasure Tromp said...

oh, I love this. I see that we have some similar items on our August lists. I forgot to include Sprinkles Ice Cream on mine ... what was I thinking??
ps - let's talk during shark week, yes? yes.

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

sounds amazing. sprinkles has ice cream? the world is now complete!

Ariel Tyler said...

Sounds like an amazing time!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your list is long ;) I created a summer list too, but mine is shorter + I'm pretty sure it's not going to all get done. Sounds like so much fun!!! Have a blast. ♥Lindsay

Val said...

Such a wonderful list......I hope your Summer is amazing.

Cheryl said...

I'm off for summer vacay as well! let's meet up: beach, lunch, whatevs! :)

Dorien said...

Looks like you're going to have a crammed August, but those are the best, right? Keep us updated :)

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I think I could learn to be a morning person if I had this view to wake up to!


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