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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Happy List, cuz it's my blog, and I'll smile if I want to... 
Or something like that ;)
Farra, Paulina and I at the San Diego Fashion Week Press Event Monday night.

1. A clean house. Aahhh.
2. Planning a 10 year best friend anniversary celebration with this girl. We decided that 10 years is kind of a huge deal. It's been 10 years, she's gotten engaged, married, and had a kid... and well, Nadav and I are still dating. (No pressure though hahaha)
3. Bubble baths, Lush bath bombs, and my Kindle (and no I was not reading 50 Shades of Grey while bubble-bathing, get your minds out of the gutter).
4. Rosh Hashana, apples and honey, and time spent with my family and Nadav.
5. The very minimal drop in ridiculously high for San Diego temperatures. I also appreciate that the drop is so minimal I am still able to wear shorts and go to the beach after work. (Have I mentioned that I love my city, because I do =P)
6. The Chargers winning their first game of the season my boyfriend avoiding depression for the evening
7. A new school year that is kinda sorta maybe starting to settle down.
8. Godiva milk chocolate clams. I know I shouldn't eat them, but mannnnn they tickle my pickle.
9. Speaking of food and how yummy it is... Next week is San Diego Restaurant Week, and yes I will be unleashing my inner fatty. Have any good restaurant recommendations? Please send them my way =)
10. Finally learning how to make a collage on Photoshop. It's about time, right? #NerdyBoyfriendPerks
11. All of you. Thank for your comments, your love, and for making me smile each day :) I am so grateful.

Wishing you a sweet sweet day =)



Betsy said...

had apples and honey yesterday - you can never start preparing for a sweet new year too early :)

Jes said...

We had a cold front come through Houston last weekend making the weather perfect! It's been in the high 80s-90s all week with low humidity. Delish!

I still haven't bought photoshop, so you are a step ahead! In high school I took a technology class and we spent 6 weeks on photoshop. It's incredible how much I sucked at it.

Ash said...

i love this happy list, my friend!

now.. can nadav come over and, not only teach me photoshop, but install it, as well (: i can repay him with football watching... and beer...

...and laughter.... and justin (;

seems like a fair deal, eh?

cynthia said...

I LOVED Kitchen 1540, went for restaurant week last year with a friend from work, and then took my boyfriend back for our anniversary.
Others we have tried (during restaurant week) and enjoyed: Cowboy Star (downtown), Nine-Ten (La Jolla), Oceanair (downtown), Pamplemousse (Del Mar)... Those are the ones that come to mind first! Enjoy! :)
Oh, P.S... After happy hour at Bay Park Fish Co last weekend, I stopped into that new restaurant on Morena, Luce. The menu looks yummy!

Daisy said...

Loving the happy list, might just make one! Oh, isn't it the best when you figure things out on photoshop!?

Olivia.Dee said...

yeah, i'm gonna need some photoshop lessons as well. you should host a day where Nadav can teach, and we can... pretend to learn :)

Evani Gatsby said...

Ooo I looooove Restaurant week! Definitely a favorite of the foodies ;) What an achievement for your friend, 10 years! And here's to hoping your school year settles soon!

Jessica said...

You guys are so adorable! Sorry I haven't been running with you....I'm sure you guys are fine. My schedule is unpredictable sometimes so it makes it hard for me to do stuff with people...If I want to hang out, I let people know the day of....Keep staying sweet! -Jessica L


Paulina Mo said...

yay happy list!! and yay for Chargers winning because my bf avoided that same depression... oh boys!


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