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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Kitchen

I love brunch. 
I love trying new brunch spots. 
And I really love hanging out with awesome bloggers. 

Last weekend, Erika (who was visiting from Seattle), Julie (who drove down from Orange County), and I got together for a ridiculously good brunch at Big Kitchen.
The food was so so good, our coffee cups were never empty, and I loved the quirky/hippie like vibe of the South Park restaurant. For the record, South Park is not just the name of a ridiculous cartoon that I have been known to watch on occasion. It also happens to be the name of an adorable little neighborhood in San Diego.
 Oh and the coffee cake that's dripping in butter? It was delicious, and free with our breakfast.

Wipe that drool off of your chin, okay?

Two redheads and a brunette.
Erika, Me, Julie
I can't help but feel lucky that so many great people want to come visit San Diego. All these visits have allowed me to build wonderful friendships.

Erika thank you for letting me steal a bunch of your photos ;)


Cara-Mia said...

Omg looks too good!

Let's have a blogger brunch soon, yes? :)

holtkamp said...

brunch is my favorite! that looks amazing, i'll have to try it next time i'm home!

ruthy ann said...

that must be a fairly new place? i don't remember it? my fave brunch spot in San Diego is the mission cafe...man i miss that place!

Kai Mercado said...

Truth: If I could eat breakfast for every meal, I would....

Make sure you get a chance to go see my new blog design today :) I am pretty excited about it. (sorry for being that blogger, I just wanted to brag lol)


brooke said...

Big Kitchen is in my neighborhood! I live about two blocks from there. Got to love South Park! Judy the Beauty who runs the place is funny. Last time we went there she asked my husband if he would like to pay with sex or cash... it was really weird, and she was just joking of course, but I love her hippie lifestyle.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness all that food looks so incredibly yummy! It is making me so hungry right now hehe.

Nahomi Garcia said...

i have never been there before !
but the food looks so yummy that now i will have to make a stop one of these days (:

Julie Ann said...

Woot! So glad we got to meet up! We'll have to do it again before April! ;]

Patty said...

The brunch looks delicious, and I love those brunches filled with great conversations and endless coffee :-)

Emily @ the Anna Delores blog said...

Okay. Seriously. You guys are required to invite me next time! I know, super-rude and weird of me, but I'm so darn excited to meet you lovely, lovely ladies in person! Please please! I will totally make the SD trek. We'll invite Gina, too. :) I basically won't rest til I redeem myself from the June "meet up" at Gypsy Den!

Emily @ the Anna Delores blog said...

P.S. sorry I'm such a creeper. :P

Gina said...

Ohhh, you guys are SO cute! And this place looks amazing. So wish I would have been in town.

Anonymous said...

The Big Kitchen rocks! Just a few blocks from our house, it is a frequent stop for us. Judy brings so much life to the meal!

To the misinformed commenter above: The Big Kitchen is not new to the area. The restaurant has been there for more than 30 years.


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