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Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Reading: Blog, Inc. I started Blog, Inc. last night and am already feeling inspired. Joy's book will interest anyone who has any interest in blogging. I love that her book includes interviews with some of my favorite bloggers (Rockstar Dairies!) which allows for such a wide variety of perspectives. So far, so good.

Watching: Well, being sick lends to lots of time spent on the couch and consequently lots of time for crap tv. Naturally, I'm all caught up on The Real Housewives of any city and Dance Moms. I'm also loving the new season of New Girl and Modern Family.

Thinking About: Finding a balance and learning to listen to my body when it starts giving me signs that I need to rest. I love being social and having fun, but need to learn how to say no sometimes or I'll just keep getting sick. Wamp wamp.

Looking Forward To: Cancun! Yup Nadav and I are taking a trip to Cancun with his family next month and I am sooo excited. We only have 23 working days left before we go, but who's counting? Have you been to Cancun before? I love travel recommendations =P

Making Me Happy:  Hot chocolate. Sun shining through the window. A newly stuccoed house (to be blogged about sooner than later I hope =P). Cuddles with my love. The Miramar Air Show this weekend. This blog and all of you

What about you? What's making you tick this week?

Post inspired by Dani


Jay said...

I meant to tell you - I took your recommendation on "The Fault in our Stars" and read it in one day. So good. Thank you!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

CANCUN?! You're going to have so much fun! Not that I've ever been...but how can you go to Cancun and NOT have fun?! ;)

I just bought Blog Inc a few days ago...can't wait to get started!


Lauren said...

Cancun sounds pretty heavenly right now!
I hate to admit how much I like Dance Moms! My husband completely cringes when we finds me watching it!
Fizz and Frosting

lori said...

can i come to cancun?? i hope you have the best time!

and i love this blog post idea. so fun.

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

we could totally watch tv together. love those shows. i have to admit that i haven't seen dance moms tho.
ooo, and can't wait to see your house!

cynthia said...

I'd be counting down to Cancun, too! hope you start feeling better. I'm not particularly looking forward to the Miramar air show, mainly because we live about 1 mile from there as the crow flies, so we basically spend the day listening to loud jets flying over our house. :-P

momFITtingitallin said...

Love finding So Cal bloggers like myself! Just started following you from Blog Working Wednesday!


Jes said...

Reading: The Devil in the White City and Twilight (for the billionth time...getting ready for the final movie).

Watching: Vampire Diaires epps getting ready for the premier of season 4 tomorrow night!

Thinking about: Finding the balance between my normal workouts and running. I love doing them all so it's hard to decided what I need to give up to fit them both in.

Looking foward to: Book club tomorrow night. I love dinner with the girls!

Making me happy: the weather has been so nice this week.

Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

there´s always something to take away from your posts. this book sounds divine! sorry to hear your sick - feel better soon - but omg, cancun?! that´s a reason to get back to healthy pretty quickly doesn´t it?!


Stamp in My Passport said...

New girl is literally the best show on tv, i can't even handle it...and because you like it that officially makes us soul sisters, which isn't weird at all!!! Schmidt is out of control haha ahh i love finding people who watch it :) hope you get to feeling better!!

Danielle Carroll said...

Another blogger I follow recently started that book too and said she loves it! That's two recommendation...thinking I should check it out!


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