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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


 Amazed by Mission Bay just after sunset.

Wearing to work:
1) Old jacket, Old Navy sweater, Madewell jeans, Old Anthropologie shoes
2) Old Anthropologie top, J. Crew pants, Old Anthropologie shoes

Reading:  I finished Gone Girl last night and loved it until I got to the end of the book. The end of that novel left me feeling restless and kinda annoyed hehe. Overall, a really good book just don't stay up until 1am on a work night to finish the book because you will want to kick yourself. =P

Watching: The debate, gotta be in the know. And that is basically the most you'll hear about politics on this blog. I think some things and opinions are best left off of my blog, and if you choose to share your opinions on your blog... well I will gladly read your thoughts so please share hehe. ;)

Thinking About: How expensive it is to eat and cook healthy foods. Lately, I've made a huge effort to cook at home, but I'm realizing why so many families opt for fast food and more unhealthy options. Stocking up on fresh veggies, fruits, and non-processed foods is expensive,but worth it to me.
I've also been thinking about how incredibly reliant I am on my car. My car has been in the shop since Saturday, and although I love having a break from driving I am really not a fan of asking others for rides. Wamp wamp

Loving: My crock pot! I have a slight fear of using the oven/stove and I love that it's almost impossible to burn food in the crock pot. (And for the record, yes it is possible to burn and char a crock pot... I've done it and completely ruined a crock pot. #SoreSubject)

Looking Forward To: The start of fall (yes SoCal is kind of lacking in the change of seasons this year) and the holiday season. I'm already throwing around the idea of hosting a Hanukkah party at our house. Yes, sovganyoot (jelly donuts), latkes, and many brights menorahs will be involved. I love getting together with family and friends, celebrating, eating good food, decorating, anddd checking out Christmas lights. This Jewish girl seriously loves herself some Christmas lights. 

Making Me Happy: Long sunset walks at the bay with good friends. Connecting with amazing bloggers. Feeling respected at work, and mostly just appreciating that I don't need to have anything huge to look forward to because I am pretty happy right about now. =)
Wishing you a sweet day and wanting to know..
What's currently happening in your life?

Post idea inspired by Dani


Paulina Mo said...

I so agree with you on how expensive it is to cook healthy! I hate it when some of my veggies go to waste (which is all the time, boo!). I can't wait til fall either, this San Diego tricked us!


Katie said...

I love this post idea..you may have inspired me :) and you look great in your outfits girl!

Gina said...

The crock pot is kind of amazing. I use it at least once a week when my husband is in town. I am fine with a salad for dinner but he needs "proper" meal and cooking every night is so tiring!

Michelle said...

I love my crockpot also!

Treasure Tromp said...

agreeing with everything on here. Gone Girl was fantastic until the last two chapters or so - I wanted more! And yes, stocking up on those fresh greens is expensive ...especially if you don't eat them quickly enough, like myself. :(

SarahJane Miller said...

I seriously love your style. so adorable!

Ash said...

since you is so political (; make sure you vote YES on 37!!!! (it's GMO labeling- won't cost companies extra, since it's a simple STICKER they will put on foods, letting us know it's cloned and made in a lab.. you can still BUY these foods, if you so choose- so vote yes.)

and yay for being so happy you don't need anything to look forward to (: THAT is such a wonderful feeling.

oh, and you are too stinking cute at work! i'm usually in yoga pants and a shirt when i'm with the kids... now, i shall try to be a little more stylish.. in honor of you.. my long lost friend (:

Kasey said...

super cute outfits :):)

I hear SoCal is pretty amazing all year round but I don't know if I could handle to lack of seasons changing since I'm so used to it :-P


Jay said...

I was SOOO ANNOYED with the end of Gone Girl. I finished it close to a month ago and just thinking about it makes me angry!

Lisamarie said...

I love this post, Tammy. You are such a cute, sweet girl. I wish you were single, that you'd move home, and start dating my favorite jewish guy. I'm just saying.... But yea... the debates. I have so much to say but am going to zip my lips in blogland. (Not IRL, though. I'm going off on the topic today!) Praying for fall weather for both of us!!

Cara-Mia said...

Such cute outfits! And I really want to read Gone Girl. Thinking I should take a USB to your house and copy all your books. :)

Ugh I agree that cooking healthy can be expensive, but it still isn't AS expensive as going out to eat for every meal. At least for us it isn't.

Although I'm not Jewish, I hope I get an invite to that party. ;)

Trina said...

That Old Navy sweater is adorable. I would have bought it if my size hadn't run out :( It's good to see it being stylishly utilized on someone else, though!

I feel you about the lack of seasons. I'm in Sacramento and it hasn't shown any signs of fall yet. It's very discouraging!


Joy Niehaus said...

So love this post. Such a fun insight into you and your life. Hoping you get some fall soon and have fun planning the party! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I have Gone GIrl on reserve at the library, I can't wait to read it. And I hear you about the fresh fruits and veggies, I drive 15 minutes north of monterey to a farm stand to buy mine because it is so much cheaper than the grocery story. But now with gas the way it is, who knows if I am saving anything?? At least I know it is local, right?

elise said...

new[est] follower! so glad I stumbled across your blog! can't wait to keep reading!

stop by sometime!

Ali W. said...

I love your shirt(s)! And I agree with you on the crock pot thing. It's so nice to just stick stuff in there and have it done at the end of the day. I think crock pot meals are usually better anyway!

Candace said...

Reading: I have the same complaints about Gone Girl. I stayed up late to finish, and was sorely disappointed. It was so believable all along, then it got stupid.

Watching: Girls, which I think is hilarious (but I'm increasingly annoyed by the lack of women of color on TV).

Thinking About: It is expensive! I do all my shopping at Trader Joes, which is surprisingly affordable, but I do have to get creative and thrift with my meals. I also walk there, so I never buy more than I can carry.

Loving: My library copy of "The Joy of Cooking." I want to get my own for Christmas.

Looking Forward To: Visiting a friend at Yale this wknd.

Making Me Happy: Today is my last day of work before the weekend.

Bev said...

your anthropologie top is just too cute!! and your hurrr is ahhh mazing!

and I sooo love my crock pot too!!! saves the day and cooks the food when I don't feel like it!

Anna Elder said...

I wasn't a fan of Gone Girl…especially the end. If the ending had been better I might've liked it more.

I'm wanting to cook a beef stew in the crock pot but haven't yet. And I'm totally with you on the slight fear of the oven (not stove though :), it's a giant box of burning heat. It scares me.

Anna Elder said...

I wasn't a fan of Gone Girl…especially the end. If the ending had been better I might've liked it more.

I'm wanting to cook a beef stew in the crock pot but haven't yet. And I'm totally with you on the slight fear of the oven (not stove though :), it's a giant box of burning heat. It scares me.

Michelle said...

I am so jealous of where you live! I love Ohio's fall weather, but your beach pictures always kill me.

It IS expensive to stock up on healthy food! I make en effort to cook healthy too, but it can be pain.

I love my crockpot. I'm always terrified it's going to burn my apartment down when I'm at work though :)


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