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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Love Is A Four Letter Word

There's something so special about seeing a band or singer you really love perform.
The excitement as the concert gets closer.
That moment when the singer sings their first note and takes your breath away (ok maybe that's just me but I kinda sorta loooove me some Jason Mraz).
That feeling you get when the entire audience stands up, sings along, and dances.
I just flipping love it. =)

Saturday night I went to the Jasion Mraz concert with my brother and Farra, and it was all kinds of wonderful. :)

This is my "I'm on my way to see Jason Mraz face" hehe

The brodizzle and me

Oh Jason

Just a little clip I found from the show on youtube.

And for the record, Jason Mraz is absolutely incredible live. He puts on an insanely good show. If you ever get the chance to see him live DOOOO it. =P
Enjoy your day =)


Brooke said...

Jason Mraz?! So awesome!!! I hope you had a great time! (was he good live?)

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats that very first note! I haven't been to a concert (of my choosing) in a long time... I think it's time to plan for one :)

Ash said...

glad you guys had fun!! i totally know what you mean about the anticipation, the first note, all of it, really...

Jay said...

Oh I LOVE a good concert - I seriously get a natural high from all of the energy!

lacey horst-thomas said...

ah! i am so incredibly jealous of you.

Treasure Tromp said...

I saw Jason waaaaaay back when. Like when I was in HS. and I still love him! jealous that you got to see him

Olivia.Dee said...

i love the excitement of concerts... such an incredible feeling.

Lauren said...

I saw him WAY back in highschool...maybe 2004/2003 and he was unreal then too!

ruthy ann said...

love him!!


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