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Thursday, October 25, 2012

On Being Alone

Truth is I really don't spend that much time alone, and usually I like it that way. By nature, I'm a pretty social person. I'm that girl who says hello to people while I'm on a walk and I am constantly embarrassing Nadav starting conversations with people in the grocery store.

Lately though, I've started to realize how important it is for me to take time for myself. I love waking up in the morning, making myself coffee and enjoying the quiet. There are also few things that make me happier than sitting on the beach and enjoying the sound of the waves. Unfortunately, I have a  pretty difficult time maintaining the quiet, and am constantly succumbing to the huge temptation that is my phone to call someone or go online.

I've decided to work on this constant need to always feel connected, and a few weeks ago I started taking phone-less walks at the beach. Eventually those walks turned into yogs (cough Anchorman anyone cough?) jogs, and this week those jogs turned into runs. On today's run, something very unexpected happened around mile 2 when the following thought ran through my mind:

"I love running"

I love running. Three words that I was fairly confident would never come out of my mouth. I have always complained about how much running sucks, how it hurts my body, and how it's just boring. But today something clicked, and I realized that I value the opportunity for quiet and reflection that running provides. I loved that there wasn't music playing in my ear, a yoga instructor or boot camp instructor telling me what to do and how to move, and really that I was all by my lonesome.

I just might stick to this running thing. ;)

And in other news, I think I'm growing up..... eek.

Thanks for reading my jumbled thoughts. I have a feeling that if I continue to love running there will be lots more jumbled thoughts coming your way. =P I'm not sure if that's good or bad, guess I'll find out.
Where do you find that quiet time that makes you come alive?


Nora Spaulding said...

I love a hot shower or bath and a cup of hot tea. being cuddled in a blanket with my dog. or watching a movie alone or with hubby! Love my time!

Beatrice said...

I am just waiting for the day when I LOVE running, right now I enjoy it :)

Betsy said...

I'm totally with you on the running thing. I hadn't ever run before last December - and now I feel like I was missing out! I want to keep that "I LOVE THIS" feeling so I'm really careful about paying attention to me when I run. if it doesn't feel great physically, I push through - but if it's not a good mental run, I cut it short so I don't start resenting it. it's working so far :)

so glad you've found this peace.

Brittany Campbell said...

I'm so glad you found that love for running. There is nothing better than a really great run! and the bay is the perfect route for a beautiful and relaxing run. I miss it!

Jodi Ann said...

That's so awesome! I hope one day soon that love of running thing clicks with me too. :) But you know what? The whole being alone, unconnected from your phone, computer etc... it's something I've been working on as well and the more time I dedicate to just being "unconnected" the clearer my thoughts are, and that obviously effects my actions. It's amazing how a little alone time can strengthen your day.

Evani Gatsby said...

Ooo I feel like I'm reading this from the perspective of you a few years back! I really dislike being alone, I've always had a loud boisterous family, and then I moved into a loud boisterous apartment and in general, I prefer noise and people. And I absolutely hate running haha. But I am somewhat excited to hear that maybe silence and running is something I'll grow into with time. :)

Ashley Allan said...

I can't wait for the day that I can say "I love running" with conviction and not an ounce of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

i have a 4yr old who chats non-stop so anytime i can have some quiet time alone with my own thoughts is amazing-- short escapes to the bathroom, that short walk to the other side of the car to the driver's side.... that sort of thing.

just kidding! well, kinda.

i love being alone! i always have since high school. i do mostly everything on my own and i prefer it that way unless my hubs wants to tag along but even then, i sometimes tell him to meet me somewhere so i can get stuff done.

brooke said...

Yes! I love running, too. It's a love relationship that really sneaks up on you, but it can be so amazing and challenging. I look forward to seeing more of your journey with running.

Kristin W said...

That "I love running" moment is seriously the best. After being an on-and-off runner for years, I finally got that feeling when I really started training for my first race. It's an awesome feeling.


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