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Friday, October 5, 2012

Window Shoppin

My outfit: Blouse--Madewell and old, Pants: J. Crew
Cara-Mia and I have a fabulous kind of friendship.
We're both kinda dorky, get each other in that "please don't tell anyone else I said that everrr" way, own a lot of the exact same pieces of clothing, anddd we met through blogging. Pretty sweet right? =) Ok lets be honest, the main difference between us that she has the metabolism of a race horse and I am jealous. (She's reading that last sentence and hating me right now hehe)

Last night Cara-Mia and I went to the Kate Spade La Jolla store opening.
Sure, we may or may not have stalked Kate Spade on all social media outlets until we figured out how to get an invite to the opening event, but that's neither here nor there hehehe

My earrings: c/o Anjolee Jewelers
We also may or may not have taken about 5000 pictures in front of the store window because we weren't allowed to take photos inside, but these photos make me happy and I like to share the things that make me happy with you ;)

For the record, the inside of the store is adorable and I want every single thing inside. It's a definite problem.
Also, let me bring your attention the bling bling on my ears, so cute right? =P Anjolee Jewelers sent me the earrings and I LOVE them. They add the perfect little touch of classiness to any ensemble. =) Anjolee Jewelers is an awesome San Diego based (woohoo local business) online store that sells beautiful and customizable jewelry online. Check out their beautiful bracelets and engagement rings (wink wink).

Hope you have an awesome weekend



Cara-Mia said...

Bahahahaha I love this! (Hmm even the race horse part because you left out the part that I'm also lazy.) anyway, I really like us.

And that store is so great! I want it all. Problem fo' sho'.

Already looking forward to the next event! xo

christin said...

Kate Spade stores are SO cute. I should go take pictures in front of one sometime soon. For reals. Love those earrings!

Ash said...

that's right Nadav, wink wink (;

oh i love you girls! bahaha i need some silliness in my life soon- so let's make that happen!

and OH.. i would just DIIIEEEEEE in kate spade. like, security will have to remove me from the premises die..

Ash said...


and i hate you because i want your loooooong hair.

that's all.


Kara said...

Bahahaha I love the "wink wink." My boyfriend may or may not have gotten a couple of the wink winks as well. ;)

Morgan said...

Oh YES to Kate Spade!! Glad you're as obsessed as I am. Those earring are quite divine as well!


Evani Gatsby said...

LOL love that wink wink at the end. You tell him girl! And what a lovely blogger friendship! <3

Treasure Tromp said...

new Kate Spade store so close?! exciting!

ruthy ann said...

I soooooooooo miss San Diego...especially La Jolla! you two are adorable.

Jessica said...

Oh, Kate Spade is opening in La Jolla?! I may have to check it out! You guys are so adorable! -Jess L

Anonymous said...

I love your top. I also love that you're not afraid to pull off a pattern with colored jeans.

Allie said...

oh god just what i need a new cute sd store!!! jealous you went to the grand opening i cant wait to go!


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