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Monday, November 12, 2012

Crock Pot Shredded Beef Tacos

While I'm busy having too much fun in Cancun I asked some of my favorite blogger to entertain you. First up, one of my best blogger friends turned in real life friends, Cara-Mia.

Hello Lemons, Avocados, and the Bay readers! I'm Cara-Mia from Typed for Miles. I'm lucky enough to have met the lovely Miss Tammy in real life. Somehow, we end up discussing food a lot, and in one of those conversations I mentioned a Mexican pantry staple: El Pato. Tammy told me she had never tried it, and I just knew I had to write up a recipe for her using it! (I also knew it had to be a crock pot recipe since she is a busy lady!) So here goes it. 


- 2 cans of El Pato sauce 
- 3 lbs chuck roast
- 2 Anaheim peppers
- 1 tomato
- 1/2 onion


1. Generously salt and pepper the chuck roast. Place chuck roast and both cans of El Pato sauce in a crock pot. Add enough water to cover the meat in liquid. Cook on low for about 7-8 hours. 

2. Roast and peel the Anaheim peppers. (For various methods, look here.) I use the broiler method. Once you've roasted the peppers, place them on a wet paper towel and then cover them with another wet paper towel. (This helps with the peeling.) Once they have cooled, peel off the skin. Chop and remove the seeds.

3. Heat a pan with high heat. Shred beef and brown in pan. (Don't skip this step. I've skipped it before and it just isn't as tasty.) 

4. Chop half of an onion. Heat some olive oil over medium-high heat and cook onions until slightly brown. Chop the tomato and add that in along with the chopped peppers. Cook for another two minutes or so. 

5. Stir in the meat and you are ready to go! Wrap it up in a flour tortilla and dinner is served.

Now go make sure you check out Cara-Mia's blog. I promise you'll want to stick around :)



Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I love using the crockpot, especially this time of year! Turn it on when I leave to go to work and get home and BAM! done! lol

Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


Anonymous said...

It looks so delicious I cant wait to try it!

Yelle said...

Mmmm! Peppers, onions, and beef can only be good! I love a good shredded meat crock pot recipe, always so useful!

Chloe Moon said...

If I had a crock pot I would make this every night...I'm addicted to tacos! Looks delicious!! =)


Olivia.Dee said...

oh how i love me some crockpot recipes!!! thanks cars-mia... and tams!

Cara-Mia said...

Thanks again for having me! Excited to have kicked off your guest posts. :)


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