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Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear Saturday Morning At 9am,
I am so soo sooo excited to participate in The Color Run and I can't wait until you arrive. Yes, I plan on skipping and doing lots of cartwheels taking lots of photos along the way.

Dear Friends,
Have you run The Color Run before? Do you have any tips about how to protect my phone so I can take photos during the run? 

Dear Nadav,
You make me giggle, that is all.

Dear Allergies,
Making me sneeze 20+ times at 4am is so not ok, especially because you won't let me stop sneezing until I get out of bed and blow my nose about 10 times! This makes it really really difficult for me to fall asleep and I'm over it. I am finally going to the allergist and I hope you go far far away, orrr I'll have to send Nadav after  you. Die allergies die

Dear Instagram Friends,
Here's the recipe for those ridiculously good chocolate chip cookies I posted Wednesday morning. They're so good Nadav's coworkers refer to them as "life changing cookies". ;) Obviously this means you should make them very soon, orrrr don't.. because you will want to eat every single one. Oh and if you want to find me on Instagram just search for BayParkDream

Linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters
Happy Happy Weekend

P.S. Have you entered to win a sweet wrap dress from Borelli Designs? Well get on it ;)


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

oh i can't wait to see your color run pictures. looks like so much fun!

cynthia said...

My.brother's girlfriend will be at the Color Run tomorrow, too. :) have fun!

Mascara and Mud said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mascara and Mud said...

Soo close to licking the screen then! Haa! Have a great weekend! x

katy said...

DON'T TAKE YOUR PHONE!! If you want to have fun and run through the color parts where they throw the most color, it will just get COVERED. I ran with mine tucked in my bra, but once the color started, I never took it out. Maybe I'm being dramatic. You can take it out in between color zones. But the color zones are just clouds. (Also, close your mouth when you go through them or you'll have colored teeth!! :)) It is just cornstarch, so you can probably just blow it out after, I guess.
I saw some people had their phones in baggies and just took pictures through the baggie. I'm not sure how great that turned out.

Lauren Hochleutner said...

Have so much fun at the Color Run! I would say do a before and after picture but I heard there are color CLOUDS when you are getting sprayed. You don't want to be sad if something happens to your phone! But with that said, I can't wait to see pictures!

FaithRJennings said...

The Color Run will be the best thing you do all month! I guarantee it!
I had my iPhone with me(in a ziploc when I wasn't using it) and honestly it wasn't that bad. It's in a normal plastic case and I wiped it down after which took care of it for the most part. I found some purple in the crevices around a button or two for a little bit but honestly it just made me smile when I noticed it :) Have a blast! PS I skipped pretty much the whole way...and your blog is aaaamazing!

Robyn said...

i would say-take a throw away or an underwater camera...never done one, but seen lots of photos over the internet-looks like so much fun.

Rachel said...

How fun I have been wanting to do a color run! Next year it's getting too cold here in MN. Good luck and have a blast of a good time!

Kristina said...

Participating in Friday's Letters for the first time! Please stop by our blog if you have a chance. Have a great weekend. :)

Oh & we're doing The Color Run @ 9a tomorrow too!!!


pearl said...

Hope you have fun!

Sarah G said...

Hey woman! Have you tried alfalfa for your allergies? Natural anti-histamine :) Check out my fb, just posted something on it.


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