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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Inspiration

Amanda is an amazing cook and I am so happy she's here today to share some of her favorite Fall recipes.

Hi there! I'm Amanda, a Californian blogging all the way from Okinawa, Japan where I get to call home for a few years. It is such a blessing to live in a culture that celebrates good, natural food. My husband and I thought we understood the importance of eating locally and seasonally, but never as much as learning it from Okinawans who have one of the healthiest diets in the world. I love to cook beautiful meals with fresh ingredients... and satisfy my crazy sweet tooth too! Here are a couple of my favorite Fall dishes I've created so far this season. Thanks for having me, Tammy, and to all of you for being foodies with me this morning!

 Off The Vine Tomato Soup & Gouda Brie Arugula Grilled Cheese // recipe 
Creamy Butternut Squash Risotto with Fresh Rosemary // recipe

Pumpkin Ravioli with Brown Butter, Rosemary & Thyme // recipe

Ginger Molasses Cookies with Fruit Sorbet // recipe

Cinnamon & Spice Pumpkin Pancakes & Homemade Whipped Cream // recipe



christin said...

I want to move in with Amanda.

Jay said...

Oh Amanda's recipes and photos always leave me drooling!

Trina said...

Oh my god, this was a horrible post to see when I'm an hour away from my lunch break. Those tomatoes and the butternut squash risotto are particularly drool-inducing.


Kristina said...

Great recipes and even better pictures! Amanda should really think about a career as a stylist!! Loving everything about this post!! Kristina x

Anonymous said...

Fall I think is really such a cozy season, wearing and decorating cozily-y says fall to me!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh all of this food looks so good! I really want to try that risotto! I just love fall cooking and baking!

Yelle said...

You have such a great palette! Everything on here is something I have made like the pumpkin ravioli, or wanted to make like brie arugula grilled cheese! Nice to meet you Amanda!

Beth Lane said...

Mmm, everything looks oh so yummy!

Evani Gatsby said...

Amanda's photography is breathtaking! Can't wait to check her out.

The Egg said...

that homemade ravioli has my name written all over it

xo the egg out west.


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