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Friday, November 9, 2012

Here There And Everywhere

Some Thoughts:
1) I am horrendous at packing, just horrendous. I just spent about 3 hours packing, repacking, and taking articles of clothing out of my suitcase. What can I say, it took me a little time to accept that I probably don't need 8 dresses for a 7 day vacation, most of which will be spent at the beach/pool/adventuring. =P
2) Right after I'm done with work Nadav and I are heading to OC to meet up with his family, and early Saturday morning we all leave for Cancun. This week has been a bit of a crazy whirlwind, and I'm crossing my fingers for an amazing trip.
3) Still crossing my fingers. =P
4) I'm also so so excited to get the first stamp in my new passport. It's the little things ya know?
5) We're staying at an all inclusive resort, and I will do my very best to stay away from Tequila because I don't want to spend my vacation making friends with the bathroom floor appreciate every moment.
6) Some of my very favorite ladies are guest posting here next week, and I might just pop in once or twice to say hi.
7) I need to stay far away from Kate Spade. Oy.
8) I'm kind of obsessed with Spotify. They just always know the right words to say the right song to play.
9) Why do I always feel like a list needs to have 10 items? =P
10) Last but not least, if all goes as planned I will be swimming with dolphins on Monday and one of my biggest dreams will come true. **cue dimming lights and background music =P** No but really...

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and sweet week.
Thank you so so much for coming here and taking the time to read my words. I so appreciate you.  


christin said...

i am the worst packer in the world. like i cry and get terrible anxiety days before. #iamajoke

Amy Charming said...

Hey! I wrote an article about how to pack and travel lightly! I hope you have a GREAT trip!!


Katie Ann said...

There is something about a stamp in a passport isn't there?? Have fun christening your new one!!!

Jay said...

I am a horrendous packer as well!

Safe travels and enjoy Cancun!

Lauren said...

have fun in cancun!! and if you want to wear 2 dresses a day you will need AT LEAST 14 (just kidding...maybe)

Cara-Mia said...

Hey Tammy! Have so much fun in Cancun! Can't wait to hear about it all when you come back.

Ugh I'm going to the belly of the beast on Sunday, aka Kate Spade outlet. I need to do my Christmas shopping there, but am so scared I will want to shop for myself.

Ash said...

i am SO excited for you to swim with dolphins!!! eep!

oh, and one of these days, i can come over and teach you how to pack! i am the QUEEN of packing light.. (tips: pack in a color scheme, take out half of what you think need, umm you will only be wearing swim suits dude...)


Maggie said...

Have a lovely trip, Tammy!!!! I can't wait to follow your vaca through Instagram =) safe travels!

Evani Gatsby said...

You're on vacation, the BEST time to be friends with Tequila is when you don't have work the next morning! ;) Have fun girl!

Brittany @ Life of a Bama Girl said...

I hate packing. There are way too many decisions that have to be made! I hope you have fun in Cancun!

Trina said...

7) I need to stay far away from Kate Spade. Oy.

Preaching to the choir!

Have fun and come back with lots of stories!!

Lisamarie said...

Have fun on your trip! And don't worry about Kate Spade. I will keep her company while you try to stay away.

Lisamarie said...

Have fun on your trip! And don't worry about Kate Spade. I will keep her company while you try to stay away.

rach. said...

i need to stay away from kate too. she's just so tempting. ;)

ps: if you get the chance, please help a sista out by entering my cute giveaway going on! thanks girl and love the blog!

love, rach.

Rachel said...

Have a wonderful trip!!! I totally share your packing style! I am absolutely terrible at it!

CeCe said...

I'm the worst packer ever too! Just wait until you try packing for your Europe trip. I was a mess and I even started ahead of time...which helped a little. Cancun sounds awesome. I definitely want to visit there.

Nicole Marie said...

lucky lucky lucky lucky!!! take me with you!! i need the beach!!
have so much fun!!

Lisa Moore said...

Tammy - Have so much fun in Cancun and so hope you get to swim with your dolphin friends!


Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

Oh girl, it´s been forevaaaa ;)

I hope you´re having a fab time in Cancun! I am so jealous, I would looove to swim with dolphins! I also have to have 10-items-lists!

Hope you´re doing great, have you decided on a blog designer yet?

muah xo


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