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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Dolphin Day

On the third day of our vacation the stars aligned, the sea parted and a miracle was had.
Well not really, but dolphin day had arrived and one of my ultimate dreams came true. =P
**Cue eye rolling** I know I know...

Naturally, I took many photos because that's what bloggers do so I could remember the day forever.
Just in case you're curious.. Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples, Top (old): American Apparel, Shorts (old): Joe's Jeans
We took a boat from Cancun to Dolpin Discovery, which is on the island of Isla Mujeres. On the boat I wore my sunglasses over my eyeglasses (what's new?), Nadav's nephew looked really serious, and I was really concerned that the girl sitting next to me was going to get sick... all over me.
Not to worry, the girl ended up moving inside the ship, I hope she was ok ;)

Nadav and I were feeling extra nice even if I was feeling a teensy bit impatient, but that's neither here nor there hehe so we waited an extra hour before our dolphin swim and babysat Nadav's ridiculously cute nephew while his parents' and grandparents swam with dolphins. 

Our turn finally arrived and I did about 30 happy dances while waiting to get in the water. Dolphins really are amazing animals and now I just want to work at Sea World as a dolphin trainer. =P So much for my occupational therapy masters degree... Mom, Dad calm down. I'm only kidding (kinda)

After my dreams came true the dolphin swim came to an end we headed back to our hotel, and I couldn't help but take some of photos of the beauty that is Cancun, Mexico.  

I hope you find the strength within yourself to make all your dreams come true, even the maybe not so serious dreams like swimming with dolphins. ;)

Guess what?! This month I'm Jigsaw London's Blogger of the Moment. I am so so excited to be featured on their site! Click here to see my favorite Jigsaw London pieces and here to read my feature. Thanks Jigsaw!

Just a little note to my San Diego readers.
 Mog + Rue, an awesome San Diego boutique is hosting a party to celebrate their 6th birthday. Stop by tomorrow, Thursday November 29, for complimentary manicures, hors d'oeuvres,  raffles, a little shopping and lots of fun. You can check out the invitation here. If you're interested in attending make sure you RSVP and say I sent you. :)   


Betsy said...

you may have perfect beach hair. possibly. probably. yes.

Setarra said...

This is on my "dream list" too! Dolphins are the best :)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I WILL swim with dolphins before I die :)
It looks like SO MUCH FUN!

Sarah Pete said...

Swimming with dolphins is TOTALLY on my bucket list. What an awesome experience for you! It looks awesome! And you're beaming :]

Ash said...

oh im SO HAPPY you did this!!! looks like a blast!

Treasure Tromp said...

amazing. oh gosh, amazing.

Nicole Marie said...

so awesome! i swam with dolphins in florida 5 years ago.

Lisamarie said...

Your love of dolphins is like my obsession with horses. Did you see my post on Giacomo, the wonder horse? I totally get it. Your thing for dolphins..


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