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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweat Rainbows

Saturday morning Nadav and I did The Color Run and it was soooo fun! Seriously, if  The Color Run comes to your city DOOOOOO IT. There's just something about getting sprayed with colored corn starch that makes people really really happy and makes everything a lot more fun.

Waiting for the race to start.

Still clean

And then it started raining men color (whatever =P)..
At some point during the blue color area Nadav decided it would be a good idea to make blue corn starch angels, and I was proud..very proud.

Jumping, Skipping, Cartwheeling 'cause that's how we I do. Also, how cool does the corn starch look coming off of my hair in the blue photo?!

Someone should tell The Color Run people that colored corn starch doesn't really make you sweat rainbows, it makes you sweat.... uhm, brownish looking chalkiness on your face. ;)
And yes I tried to wipe off my mouth so I could drink some water. What you see above is what happened. ;)
Some tips for people thinking about participating in The Color Run
1. Just do it.
2. Wear white, it's just the thing to do.
3. Pick up your race packet on Thursday. Don't wait until Friday, and definitely don't wait until Saturday morning before the run or you will be in line for a really long time.
4. Don't bother trying to park in the stadium parking lot, unless you like waiting in line for 1.5 hours. I'm just not into that kinda thing.
5. Don't try to bring your cell phone or nice camera (unless you a have a really fancy case). We brought our underwater/shock proof camera and it was perfect. We didn't have to worry about it getting ruined and ended up with some awesome photos (see above =P). I also put my cell phone in a plastic bag sealed with duct tape, but realized it was so hard to see my screen or use my phone that it wasn't even worth bringing.
6. Put towels/old bed sheets on your car seats because you will be a hot mess once the race is over.
7. Wear cheap sunglasses to protect your eyes.
8.Keep your moth closed during the color areas, unless you enjoy the taste of corn starch.
9. Keep your arms close to your body while you're in the color spray areas. Take it from me, having colored corn starch sprayed directly at your arm pits is kinda awkward. Scrubbing corn starch off of your armpits is even more awkward. Telling people who read your blog about scrubbing corn starch off of your armpits... the most awkward. =P
10. Walk through a mall/Costco/go to brunch after the run. People will either a) pretend you look totally normal b) stare at you with very confused eyes c) be really really nice and ask you about the race. I personally enjoy making friends with strangers and really got a kick out of the nice people who were curious about our hot messness. Also, thanks to the nice Tide sample lady at Costco who approached us, handed us a handful of samples, and said "she didn't know why, but she thought we might be doing a lot of laundry later".

Hope you had a great weekend =)


Setarra said...

Ahhhhh this looks awesome! I will have to look into doing the race in DC next year! Great photo and great tips :)

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I'm doing The Color Run in December! AHHH :)
This made me 10 times more excited than I already was!

Kate said...

I've been wanted to do the color run! It sounds like so much fun :) And I love your idea to go somewhere after to confuse strangers!

Robyn said...

looks like great fun!

Jacki said...

This looks like so much fun, Tamms!! I have to keep my eyes peeled for a nearby color run! :)

pearl said...

Looks like you had fun! Your pictures came out so great!

Cara-Mia said...

What awesome photos! Wish Brian and I could've done the 5k. Love your tips, I will keep them in mind for next time. :D

LeahJo said...

i would love to do this! it looks like so much fun. blue cornstarch angels - nice!

Olivia.Dee said...

sad i missed you. but love that you had so much fun with it!

i'm seriously thinking about doing the one in LA in Feb.

Ash said...

ok.. you may have just convinced me to do this with justin..

also, which specific camera do you use? i would LOVE for us to get a underwater camera thats NOT disposable (since i havent yet developed the pics from maui.. wayyy back in may, when we had a disposable)..

thanks lady

Rachel said...

jealous!! I so want to do one of these...I hate running,but I feel like this would make it so much fun that I wouldn't even care about the running part!

Nicole Marie said...

if i ever do a marathon, that's the one i want to do. so fun!

Gina said...

you guys are so cute - glad you had fun!

cynthia said...

If you saw two ladies in hot pink (like Frenchie from the Pink Ladies) wigs, that was my sister-in-law and her mom. :) Looks like a good time was had by all!

Treasure Tromp said...


Mawiyah said...

Never heard of this - Love it!!!



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