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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Around These Parts

This was not the first holiday that my family and Nadav's family have spent together, but it was the first Thanksgiving we have spent together. We gathered at my parents' house and my mom made a ridiculously good meal. Thanksgiving dinner ended up being so so nice, and I just really felt thankful the entire time. 

Thankful that our families were together, 
thankful that we were all enjoying ourselves, 
thankful for our families, 
and man thankful that I was home enjoying my mom's cooking. There's just nothing like it

My mom is a pretty incredible host, and she loves decorating for the holidays.

Taken when my mom kicked us out she she could "get things done" on a before Thanksgiving dinner walk

What we saw when we returned home from our pre-dinner banishment walk

We were all so busy eating and chatting during dinner that I forgot to take any family photos. Here's the only one we took before we sat down to eat.

Thanksgiving break was fantastic, untilll Friday evening when we realized every single one of us had caught a horrendous case of the stomach flu from Nadav's nephew. Wamp wamp, and yes that would be the THIRD time I have had the stomach flu in less than 6 months. Shenans I tell you, shenans. ;)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your families.
I'm really looking forward to a sweet holiday season :)


Yelle said...

Mmm! The food looks great ad the decor is super cute! Definitely thankful for family on days like these!

Cara-Mia said...

That looks amazing! Your mom did a great job! Wish my in-laws would've come over for Thanksgiving since we invited them... But this isn't the place for griping I suppose. ;)

Cece said...

Looks amazing! Hopefully you've had your share of the flu for a good long while. My Thanksgiving was good too.

Martie @ Spunkyrella said...

Just recovered from a nasty stomach virus! Get well soon girl!

I love that Huckleberry Finn-like pumpkin on the table - too cute :)

xo Martie

Nicole Marie said...

what a great center piece! your mom is awesome!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic looking Thanksgiving. Go MOM with that decor. Great hostesses are the best!

Rachel said...

Wow your Mom really knows how do a table setting! And that food looks amazing! So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family!

Evani Gatsby said...

What a beautiful tablescape! And oh man stomach viruses are no joke :(

Treasure Tromp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Treasure Tromp said...

sounds perfect - up until the flu :(


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