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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Believe

How cute is Nadav's nephew?! I'm obsessed
I Believe In.

- smiling at strangers
- second chances
- the power of forgiveness
- giving people a chance
- taking time to reflect, and trying to be better
- that I will never, ever take living by the ocean for granted
- love, sweet sweet love
- long giggly phone calls with a best friend
- spoiling others
- spoiling myself just a little =P
- falling asleep the second I get into the passenger seat, even if Nadav gets grumpy every time it happens
- jumping in puddles
- the ability to change
- driving all over the city to check out beautiful Christmas light displays. I also believe that Christmas lights should be lit up all year. ;)
- making (too many) unnecessary purchases during big sales
- long mimosa brunches
- the comfort that will always be the sounds of my parents' voices on the phone
- following dreams
- turning off the TV on a rainy Saturday
- exercise, and its ability to clear my head, reduce my stress, and increase my positive energy
- the innocence of children
- staring out the window and loving the rain
- blasting Disney songs, rolling down the windows, and driving on the freeway (a little fast =P)
- upholding traditions
- starting new traditions
- California love


Betsy Transatlantically said...

I once asked my mom if I'd ever grow out of wanting to call her when I didn't feel well. She said no.

(p.s. I didn't realize your hair was so red! it's beautiful.)

Beatrice said...

Reading this makes me want to meet you even more!! :) you are such a cool person!

Setarra said...

I think I may believe in just about everything you listed as well. ESPECIALLY falling asleep on the passenger side :)

Maggie Donnelly said...

I love and believe in all those things, too!!! Such a beautiful reminder to all of us. Yes, wouldn't it be lovely if we could have sparkly christmas lights year round!?! I'd be on board!!!

Heart my Hart said...

i fall asleep in the passenger seat too! every time. i say "no, i'll stay awake on the drive with you" and then within minutes... i'm out! :)

Anna said...

Smiling at strangers is my favorite thing to do!! Living in a city I've realized that NO ONE interacts.. but when you smile at a random person and they realize you're just being nice it's the best when they smile back and you can have that nice little interaction with the world around you. This list is wonderful :)

Evani Gatsby said...

Blasting Disney songs! :)

Brighid said...

These are my favorite posts that you leave! So thoughtful & it says a lot about you. Love.

Allie said...

love this! following dreams and smiling strangers are high on my list also :)

Ash said...

is it wrong that i know have "caaaalifornia loooooove" stuck in my head?

california... knows how to party...

Treasure Tromp said...

long mimosa brunches are the BEST


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