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Friday, June 29, 2012


Dear Dolphins At Sea World,
I had the most amazing time playing with you last week. Honestly I think about visiting you everyday (weirdooo) and I really really hope we get to play again this weekend.

Dear Nadav,
I planned a surprise for Sunday evening and I won't tell you a thing about it until we arrive at the surprise location. Naanaa boo booo =P

Dear So You Think You Can Dance,
You are just that good, thanks. And for your information, I will be attending the SYTYCD tour in the fall againnn, because it was flipping wonderful last year.

Dear Farra,
I haven't seen you or your child that I looooove in about 3 weeks. You're my best friend, and I miss your child you. =P Can we fix this situation immediately?

Dear San Diego Beaches,
You will most definitely be seeing me this weekend. Excited yet? Yup, thought so.
Dear Lush Celestial Facial Moisturizer,
Your are my new favorite. I really feel like my skin has changed for the better since I started using you. I think I'll keep you.

Dear Friends,
Thanks for reading, commenting, and sending me your love. I can't tell you how much it means to me. =)

And a little bit of what's happened on this little ol' blog over the past 2 weeks
- A Naturebox giveaway. Enter here to win a month's worth of healthy snacks =)
- A little recap of our trip to Palm Springs
- The ridiculous thing that happened when I took the kids I work with to Sea World
- That time I went to Coronado with my parentals

Happy Happy Weekend

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Those Happy Things

Just a little happy list, cause you know...
happy things are nice and they make me smile.
(I like to smile)

1.Watching the Sea World fireworks every night from our front yard. It's like the 4th of July every night =P
2. Our little trip to Palm Springs and how it gave Nadav and I time to connect, talk, and just be together. I really really loved it.
 3. Learning the importance and well beauty in disconnecting, and how good it feels to just sit and have quiet.
4. Learning to say no, and being ok with it. (Oh growing up...)
5. Knowing that I have inspired 3 of my coworkers to become occupational therapists, and saying goodbye to them as they move away to begin occupational therapy school.
6. Cafe latte frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. Yup.
7. Actually playing with the baby dolphins at Sea World. We arrived at Dolphin Point 30min before the park closed and one of the dolphins swam right up to me, jumped, and played with me until the park closed and the dolphin trainer kicked me out. It was one of the most amazing things I've done in a really long time. =P The whole thing happened last Wednesday, and I still smile when I think about it.8. Mission Bay evening runs. During these runs I've surpassed what I thought were my physical limits, NS this view helps takes my mind off of any aches and pains that arise. (On that note, do you get side aches while running? Any advice on how to avoid these aches or make them go away??)
9. Getting requests to make these cookies. No one has ever asked me to make anything, at least I'm becoming a decent baker =P
10. Blogger dates. Seriously, I had dinner last night with Allie and as expected, we had such a great time. Don't you love it when you just click with someone? =)

Hope you have a happy day

And don't forget to enter to win a month's worth of healthy snacks from Naturebox here.
You can also find me on Anna's blog and Magan's blog today. Make sure you check out their spaces, they're two of my favorites. =)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Naturebox Giveaway

I snack... and I snack a lot. Lately I've made an effort to snack on healthier foods because uhh... I started noticing the "effects" of my snacking (cough around my stomach), and realized I needed to start making some healthier choices.

That's why I was sooo excited when I was contacted by Naturebox to try their June box. Naturebox is seriously an incredible concept. Each month you receive a box in the mail with really yummy and healthy snacks. I really loved the apple rings, granola, and almonds that were in my box this month... and I really loved how I didn't have to spend any time putting together snacks to take to work.

Score. Score. Score.
This company is so cool, and just in case I needed another reason to like them they donate one meal to help feed hungry children in America for each Naturebox they send.

Why didn't I come up with this concept myself?? 

I really love when a company I respect reaches out to me, and I really really love when I am able to giveaway the company's product to a LA&B reader.

Hooray, it's giveaway time again! ;)
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (and make sure you click on the rafflecopter entry button to let me know you left the comment) and answer the question...
If you could only eat one snack for the rest of your life, what would it be?
All the other entries are optional, but if I were you I would complete the extra entries too =P
Good luck! =)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Want to try Naturebox for yourself? You can use code SUMMERFUN to receive 25% off your first month's subscription. (FYI the code is only applicable to a first month's subscription)

Hope you have a sweet and healthy day

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Forever And A Day

Melissa is the sweetest, and I love that she constantly inspires me to better the relationship I have with my man. I am so excited she's here to share some of what she's learned in her first year of marriage.
And seriously, how beautiful was her wedding?! 


Hi Friends!  I'm Melissa and I blog over at Forever and A Day.

On June 11th, 2012, Tim and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.
We spent a luxurious 4 days in Big Sur and it gave me a lot of time to think.    

Our first year of marriage came and went faster than I ever anticipated and I realized that I've learned quite a bit in the past 12 months.  

Here are 12 things I learned in the 1st 12 months of marriage:  

1.  It's OK to fight, but fight productively.  
Let's face it.  No one enjoys fighting.  Debating, maybe.  Fighting, no.  Especially not with your partner.  But, it happens.  And in our house apartment, it happens more often than I'd like to admit.  What I've learned is that it's important to make those fights as kind as they can be.  Don't go for the low blows.  Try not to raise your voice.  Get your point across in a calm, mature matter.  

2.  Serve each other.  
I have found that our marriage is strengthened when we do little things for each other selflessly.  This could be something as simple as Tim making sure the dishes are actually in the dishwasher (and not the sink!) for me or me cleaning the litter boxes out for him.  When we go out of our way to do little things around the house that make the other happy, good things happen.  

3.  Take an interest in the other person's passions.  
I can't even begin to tell you how many different craft beers I've tried in the past year.  Tim, in turn, is reading my favorite book, "The Martian Chronicles.  

4.  Encourage each other.  
I don't know if I would be writing this blog if not for Tim's encouragement.  I also like to think that I've encouraged him to push himself as well.  

5.  Keep the romance alive.  
This doesn't have to mean big trips, fancy jewelry, or writing songs for each other.  Simple little things, like going to our favorite restaurant, surprise flowers, or making cookies can keep that spark alive.  

6.  Appreciate each other.  
Recognize that you are both in this together and that marriage provides you with an amazing friendship, an extraordinary love, and a built in support system.  Don't take those wonderful things for granted.  

7.  Have fun together.  
Be silly.  Get day drunk (and drive responsibly).  Run into the freezing cold Pacific Ocean.  Make up silly words.  

8.  Power down and unplug.  
While I love me some Instagram just as much as the next girl, I can't speak enough about the wonders of going analog.  Take a few hours and turn off your devices.  Laptop, cell phone, tv.  Look at each other.  Talk to each other.  Go for a walk or hike that is uninterrupted by incessant phone buzzing.  Don't tweet about your experience right away.  Life your life.  Spend real, undistracted time with your spouse.  

9.  Discuss the future, but appreciate the present.  
I think it's so easy for young married couples like us to get caught up in thinking about the future.  When should we have babies?  I wonder when we will buy a house.  When will we feel ready to settle down?  I think it's a natural part of being in your twenties, but lately I've been realizing that I think so much about the future, that I'm missing the present.  Right now can be great!  Enjoy where you are in your life and your marriage.  Now.  

10.  Be (physically) there for each other.  
When Tim has a work function, I try to attend even when I don't feel like it.  When I have doctors appointments, Tim tries to work his work schedule so he can be there with me.  It makes the good events better, and the hard ones a little easier.  

11.  Embrace the in laws.  
They are your spouse's family.  Make it work.  It's going to be a pain to juggle holidays, differing viewpoints, and everything in between but make it work.  

12.  Say "I love you" a lot.  
When I say a lot, I mean a lot.  Tim and I probably say it at least ten times a day.  Sometimes it's when laughing.  Sometimes it's at the end of a phone call.  Sometimes it's intensely over a romantic moment.  Re affirm it constantly.  You probably don't need to, because even if you didn't say it, they probably know it, but it's so wonderful to hear it.    

What has your relationship taught you?  
I would love to hear your secrets to success.
Stop by and let me know!    

Monday, June 25, 2012


So we indulged, we relaxed, we ate delicious food, and it was marvelous.
Have I mentioned that I am pretty much obsessed with Palm Springs? Cause I am.
Wellll, obsessed enough to visit frequently, not obsessed enough to live there. I wouldn't trade living by the beach in San Diego for anything.

Things I learned on this trip to Palm Springs
1) Stay in Palm Springs, and not in Desert Hot Springs.. it will save you gas money
2) Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT try and go on a hike at 9am when it is 98 degrees. You will end up whiny and look pissed off in every picture. =P
3) Eat at Spencer's. The restaurant is literally on the mountain and has the best ambiance.
4) Sunblock, lots of sunblock
5) Stepping away from your laptop and phone for the weekend feels oh so good and can be oh so good for your relationship.
6) I still get excited when I see the wind generators on the way to Palm Springs
7) Fruit that is sold on the street is the very best kind of fruit... especially when it's topped with salt, lime, and chile powder. Hellllls to the yes.
8) Getting away for the weekend is so so nice. So grateful =)

Wishing you a great week

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun Sun Sun Here I Come

Nadav and I are heading to Palm Springs for the weekend and I am so so sooo excited. There's something about Palm Springs that makes me slow down and really relax. Ok, it's probably just the fact that it's too hot to do anything besides lay out at the pool and do nothing, but that works for me. I plan on getting my tan on, reconnecting with my kindle, and spending lots of quality time with my love. I'll be back next week with fun pictures and a ridiculous story or two from our trip.

But for now, I leave with you with two ladies I am seriously honored to feature on my blog. They are incredible, and just happen to be two of my favorite bloggers. I know you'll love their blogs too. =)

Jessica from Lovely Little Things
 "Hi! I'm Jessica & I blog over at Lovely Little Things! I'm a small girl with a big passion for life! There is really no limit to what you'll find on my blog. I blog to stay creative, to appreciate the little things in life & to inspire others. You'll find anything from health & fitness to style & beauty...and even the occasional picture of my crazy kitten :) Come on over and say hello!"


  I'm Allie! I write a quirky little blog called beauty & the feast which is mostly about food, my one true love, but often about people and things that inspire me. If you're looking for a great place to eat in San Diego, a recipe to make on your night in, a good ole laugh, or a new friend, head over and say hello!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things That Happen When I Take The Kids I Work With To Sea World

By day I'm a pediatric occupational therapist and work with kids who have autism. I really love my job but lets just say.... some days are a lot more interesting than others.

Days like last Friday when we took a group of kids to Sea World for their yearly field trip. The kids were so excited to see the animals and ride the rides. Each teacher or therapist was responsible for one specific student at Sea World, and the student I was assigned to carries a small binder with him. The binder has laminated photos of all the treats and activities he can earn if he follows directions and completes his work. He carries his binder with him almost everywhere, and we like to think it keeps him "grounded"... kind of like a reminder to maintain good behavior.

The day started off pretty well, the kids were happy, and Sea World was packed was visitors. A few of the kids had requested visiting the dolphins so we went to Dolphin Point first thing in the morning. Dolphin Point is one of my favorite parts of Sea World. At the exhibit, visitors to the park are able to feed the dolphins and, if they're really lucky are able to play with and touch the dolphins as they swim by.

Well we arrived at Dolphin Point, the kids all stood in a row at the edge of the pool, and we enjoyed watching the dolphins play and swim. At one point, I swear I looked down for a whole two seconds and one of our kid's had grabbed the binder and chucked it into the dolphin pool.
"Noooooo, No no no noooo..."
But yes, the binder was gone.. and floating in the middle of the dolphin pool and was wet, very wet.
"And wait wait, is that a dolphin I see swimming up to the binder? Yes, yes it is....
Noooooo, No no no noooo...
Wait, is that a dolphin balancing the binder on its nose and swimming around the entire pool? Hold up, is the dolphin flipping the binder into the air? Uhmmm...
Crap, everyone visiting Dolphin Point is laughing, hard.Shit, shit what do I do? Must get the binder, must get the binder?!"
(I'm mortified completely mortified).
Meanwhile, the child I am with is trying to move away from me and jump into the pool to get back his binder.
"Noooooo, No no no noooo..."

And just when I thought we would have to quickly escape from Dolphin Point one of the dolphin trainers had signaled to the dolphin to swim to her. She grabbed the binder, held it up, and asked who it belonged too.
"Me, it's ours, I'm really really reallyyyyy sorry. Thank you so much for returning it to us."
And like everyone else I have ever met that works at Sea World, she was really really nice and told us not to worry.
I breathed a really huge sigh of relief, and spent the rest of the day obsessing over the child and the child's binder's livelihood.

Lets just say it was a Sea World trip I will never ever forget.
And just in case you're wondering...
There were no dolphin teeth marks on the binder, which was kind of a bummer. I was hoping we'd have a little souvenir of the trip.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've always loved backpacks. Ya I was the kid that was always super excited about back to school shopping, and not just for the clothes. I loved picking out my backpack, highlighters, markers, notebooks, crayons... the whole package.
You could even say I never really got over my love for backbacks because lately I've been on the lookout for a cute backpack. A backpack that will make lugging around my DSLR a whole lot easier, and will also maybe possibly come with me to Europe (crossing fingers).

Here are a few of my favorites


The polka dot backpack and black leather backpacks are my very favorites.
What do you think?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coronado With The Parentals

Last weekend my parentals came down to visit and we decided to spend Sunday afternoon exploring one of my favorite San Diego spots, Coronado Island.
I planned a Father's Day lunch at Il Fornio. Ya, I had elaborate plans to pay for lunch cuz you know it was Father's Day, but my dad being the amazing (and stubborn) person that he is got up to the go to the "bathroom" in the middle of lunch and ended up paying for our meal. Now I still need to get him a gift, thanks Dad =P
Anyway, Il Fornio is a really really nice and yummy Italian chain, but the views at the Coronado Il Fornio are what really make the experience. (Ok I lied, the views.. .and the bread. The bread is booooomb)

And seriously how cute are my parents? Sigh.

Just some of the deliciousness

After lunch we headed to the other side of the island and checked out the Hotel Del Coronado. 

Me and my Abba
Dress-Madewell: similar, Shoes- Salt Water Sandals
Me and my boy

I'm a pretty lucky girl eh?
So thankful for the amazing people in my life. =)


Monday, June 18, 2012


I know I know, I'm supposed to get my hair trimmed hair every few months, but life got in the way and I slacked.. majorly.
It had been about 6 months and no snip snip for me. My hair was at that point where it was just "too long" and was starting to bug me. You know that point where your hair is wet and you get a wet spot in that awkward place on your chest and that point where your hair no longer bounces.. it just kinda hangs.
Last Friday I finally took control of the situation and visited one of my favorites, Franco at Koda Salon in La Jolla.
Franco has cut my hair for years and well, he is my favoritteee. Seriously, once I started going to him I stopped letting anyone else put scissors near my hair. He's just that good. I always leave him feeling refreshed and pretty. Now if only I could recreate his blow dries at home...

Done And Done.

Feeling all refreshed and ready for our Friday night sushi date.

If you live in the San Diego area and are looking for an incredible hairstylist make sure you check out Franco. He's wonderful =)

Wishing you a great week


Friday, June 15, 2012


Dear Dad, Happy Father's Day. I'm really looking forward to celebrating with you and mom. I'll try to make sure mom doesn't steal the show. =P

Dear Red Salt Walter Sandals, You magically arrived in the mail today... way way earlier than I expected. I am kind of already obsessed with you, and I'm wearing you around the house for fun because I have nowhere to go and you are cute. and red. and cute. and red. Thanks for being you.

Dear Yoga, Thanks for keeping me sane (and limber).

Dear Boyfriend, I'm glad we're both Sea World obsessed. However, I was a little horrified last Sunday evening when we saw, uhm, lots of killer whales engage in sexual intercourse. You on the other hand thought the whole "situation" was hilarious. Uhm... I have nothing else to say about that matter.

Dear San Diego Summer, Please inform June Gloom that it needs to leave immediately. I miss the sun.

Dear Palm Springs, I will be seeing you next weekend to escape this June Gloom nonsense and frankly, I cannot wait. I love your quaint hotels, relaxing pools, beautiful hikes, outlet shopping, and mix of retirees and gay men who own fabulous vacation homes in your little town. It's been way too long since I have visited you and I am so looking forward to seeing you again. 

Dear Weekend, Thank you so much for arriving when I needed you the most.

Oh you know... just keeping it real (after a long morning of an all you can drink mimosa brunch but you can't tell right hahaha)

And a little recap of what happened on the blog this week:
Monday: Was all about an eventful brunch and stroll though Downtown San Diego
Tuesday: Nicole shared a guest post
Wednesday: Funny Things That The Kids I Work With Say Vol. 2
Thursday: I asked you for some help and shared some links that inspired me
Hope you have a sweet weekend


Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Need Your Help & Sweet Links

So I'm in need of some face moisturizer.
I've used Philosophy Hope In A Jar. I liked it, but the boy says it smells.
I also tried Korres Wild Rose, and really liked it. The boy... well he said I smelled like chemicals.
I even tried Cetaphil and thought it did the trick. The boy? Well you can guess what he had to say about that.

Now my very smart and savy blogger friends, I am very confident that you will have some great moisturizer recommendations for me. Sure, I care what the boy has to say, but honestly I am most concerned about how my skin feels and reacts to the moisturizer, not how the moisturizer smells. (Sorry babe, I love you but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do).

On another note, my 1 year blogiversary and my birthday are both next month and I want us to celebrate. I think a big giveaway is in order. Do you have a shop/blog and want to contribute to the giveaway? Let me know, I think it's going to be a good one. =)

And now some fun stuff around the blogosphere that has tickled my pickle.
Bekuh's Criss Cross Heidi Braid Tutorial
50 Things to Love About Life That Are Free
Red salt water sandals? Just ordered them, now if only they could arrive on my door step... right now.
Joanna's Mermaid Tail Braid
Dana's DIY Boho Patchwork Shorts here
Gina's Do's and Don'ts for Handmade Selling
The flashmob that made me teary eyed
All about the inspiring girl who is blind that made it to the national spelling bee
Some cute 4th of July Printables
The 15 Greatest Animal Photo Bombs Ever

Have a sweet day my friends

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Funny Things The Kids I Work With Say, Vol. 2

If you've read my blog for awhile you know that I'm a pediatric occupational therapist, and I work with kids who have pretty severe developmental disabilities, emotional disorders, and physical disabilities.
And well, if you're new to my blog... now you know =P
A few months ago I shared some funny things the kids I work with say,
anddd it was good time.
So good, that I decided to share some more of these treasures with you.

Miss Tammy, I have sushi in my lunch today.
What kinda sushi sweets?
A spicy tootsie roll
Ooohh that sounds good

"I'm diddling my ice cube"
(I don't even know...)

"I don't want to look at Miss. X because her smile is too pretty. Miss X is pretty, nobody else is pretty"

Student To Teacher:
Miss X, did Miss Tammy come from God?

Uh uh excuse me
Yes, X?
Uh uh, that girl?! That girl! She pulled my fro!
Oh uhm, here's a crayon. Lets color =P

These kids are amazing, right? :)
I'm so lucky to work with kids that inspire and challenge me everyday.

And just for fun... a picture of me at one of my very favorite places, Sea World.
Season pass holder, woop wooop.

Hope you have a sweet day

Also, make sure you head over to Hollie Takes Notes today and check out a little post about blogging written by yours truly. ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I have a special treat for you today, a treat in the form of a guest post...
Enjoy =)

hi readers! i am nicole from living with fletch. tammy asked me to write about my latest adventure so here it goes:

on my california trip last summer we stopped at balboa island. after walking around for a while we stopped and ate some taffy. while sitting there this odd bird came in front of us and i exclaimed to beans. "beans! we really need to take a picture with this bird!" she replied with, "no... that bird is creepy!" after a few back-and-forth comments i think i final convinced her by saying something along the lines of  "jill... (you know i mean business when i use her real name) this is a life or death situation. when else are you ever going to see this bird and take a picture! it needs to happen!"

after sitting down and fake pushing her in the water it was time to take the picture. trab, naturally, was chosen to be the photographer. we were facing the sun so it was hard to keep our eyes open. i gave jill my hat and said to trab, "ok on the count of three i will open my eyes and then you will take it"

one... two... three!

i would say it was a success.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Quality Social

Saturday morning Nadav, Gabey, Logan, and I headed to Quality Social so I could consume all the calories I had just burned at zumba for some seriously yummy brunch and $10 bottomless mimosas. Quality Social is a beautiful restaurant/bar in San Diego's Gas Lamp neighborhood that has great food and drinks. It's also a really fun place to hang out at night.
We had a really fabulous time... and I'll let the pictures explain the rest...

The food was so so good. Added bonus: our glasses were never empty. Props to the servers and bar tenders at Quality Social, they are on top of it.
Bloggers: don't you love when the lighting in a restaurant makes for perfect photos? =P

We even celebrated Logan's birthday

After 3 hours of bottomless mimosas a lovely brunch we spent a reallly long time sobering up wandering around Downtown San Diego.

It was one of my most favorite days ever, even if I am clearly getting old(er) and was a serious mess all of Sunday. Ooohhh life. 
I am so so lucky to have the most wonderful boyfriend and amazing friends in my life.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.



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