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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Better Late Than Never

I know, I know New Year's was so a week ago, but I got a sudden urge to recap 2012. 
You're welcome, or sorry to bore you =P

I blogged about funny things the kids I work with say and the slightly scandalous event I witnessed at Sea World. Our kitchen was featured on Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn andddddd I kinda flipped out (a lot) was really excited. I also went on a little girl's trip to Santa Barbara with some lovely ladies.

I hosted the SoCal Blogger Meetup with Kelsey, Stephanie, Olivia, and Kai and it was so much fun! We celebrated my dad's birthday, Gabey and I had the most wonderful time ditching pilates, Nadav and I fell in love with Sea World, and I made the most ridiculously delicious salted fudge brownies. Also, I told you all about the secret spot in La Jolla (too bad I can't remember how to get there!!) and talked about working as an occupational therapist

I blogged about the silly things I do and reflected about why blogging is kinda wonderful. We celebrated my mom's birthday and Nadav's birthday, my bestie Gila came to visit and we hiked Torrey Pines and then indulged in a fabulous brunch. We participated in the The Shine Project's beach cleanup and then Nadav acted like the wonderful boyfriend fiance that he is. =P 

I took part in an awesome blogger event at Paint N' Vineyards. Check out Paint N' Vineyards if you're in the San Diego area, painting and wine go perfectly together. ;) I spent lots of time exploring San Diego and enjoyed the San Diego BayCoronado, and the San Diego Zoo.

We celebrated Olivia's birthday on a social cycle and it was awesommmme. I discovered the recipe for the yummiest chocolate chip cookies ever. We went to the March Field Air Show and went on the first of many beach bike rides of the year, saw the most amazing solar eclipse at Mission Bay, and remembered why we love Coronado so much.

Gabey, Nadav, Logan, and I had way too good of a time at brunch (okay we had such a good time we spent the entire day sobering up in downtown). Something slightly ridiculous happened when I took the kids I work with to Sea World. Nadav and I spent the weekend in one of my favorite places for a weekend getaway, Palm Springs.

We went on another beach bike ride on Coronado Island (what can I say, we know what we like hehe) and I stole some s'mores. =P I had an awkward freckle moment, and Nadav and I celebrated our anniversary and my birthday. Comic-con was SO FUN but left us soo incredibly exhausted. We had the best time at the Make A Wish Foundation's Roll Out The Barrel Event and I had a great time with friends at the Del Mar Races.

I had the month off of work which was fabuloussss. My Gila-Joon came to visit, I spent a few relaxing days visiting my parentals in OC, a few days with Gila in LA (where we indulged in Sprinkles Ice Cream!!), and had a ridiculously good time laying down on the Bellagio floor at 3am in Vegas.

In September I went back to work but still took full advantage of living in San Diego. Cara-Mia and I spent the afternoon at La Jolla Cove after she shocked me by telling me that she had never been the to Cove (that's just not acceptable when you live in San Diego). Farra and I stumbled upon Brazilian Day at Pacific Beach and Nadav took some "interesting" outfit photos of me. I baked a yummy apple cake for Rosh Hashana and went on another girly getaway to Palm Springs (yes, Palm Springs again. What can I say? I'm a creature of habit)

Nadav and I spent Halloween sake bombing and scaring people (ok Nadav was scaring people, I was laughing heartily at his silliness) in Downtown San Diego with Cara-Mia and her husband. My brother came to visit and surprise, surprise we went out for brunch and then saw Jason Mraz in concert... swoooon. Nadav's family came down to visit and we spent the afternoon exploring Pacific Beach and then I went to brunch, againnnn with Julie Ann and Erika. I was also fascinated by the "Before I Die" wall in Hillcrest.

In November Nadav and I ran, hopped, and skipped our way through The Color Run and it was freaking great. I can't wait to do it again! =) I missed my brother on his birthday. We went to Cancun with Nadav's family, and I decided that flying with Virgin American is basically the bestest thing ever. I swam with dolphins in Cancun and it was also the bestest thing ever. =P We spent Thanksgiving at my parents' house and I felt so thankful.

December, well.. it was the best month I've had in a really really long time, swooning (again). I brunched again (I know, I know you're dying of boredom sorry =P) with Olivia and Cara-Mia, celebrated Hanukkah with my family, and took in the Balboa Island Christmas lights (obsessed!). I decided Brooklyn Girl Eatery is the ish, and we celebrated Christmas the Jewish way, complete with a stroll (hm does anyone even use the word stroll anymore? Guess I should say 'walk' =P) around the Hotel Del Coronado.. Then, on New Year's Eve in Santa Barbara my romantical dreams came true Nadav proposed to me on a hill overlooking the ocean, and my response was "what the F** are you doing?! oh my godddd!" (typical, poor guy hehe).

In conclusion...
- I spend ridiculous amounts of time at the beach, and I like it.
- I fell deep into the blogging abyss, and am so thankful for the friends I have made through blogging.
- My life may or may not appear to revolve around food, specially brunch.. and I also like that.
- I'm getting MARRIED!
- I am blessed, really really blessed.

Here's to 2013, may it be the best year yet.


Beatrice said...

I love reading these types of posts!! Looks like you had an amazing year :)

Treasure Tromp said...

such a great year! I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be even better ...

Jessica said...

Belated congratulations to you Tammy! It was a really great year for you! ;) -Jess

Heart my Hart said...

oh man... i made quite the appearance here over the year... cant wait for more excitement in 2013!
x's & o's!!!

Lisamarie said...

Friend, your year looks unbeatable.

Katie Hubly said...

Sounds like a fantastic year =) Congrats on the engagement!!!!

Ash said...

oh i LOVE the year you had!!!! 2013 is ONLY going to get better (:

and, seriously, LOVE that picture of all of us!

Jodene said...

Ah this was lovely! I really enjoyed this yearly breakdown. It was nice to see a recap of your year/blog since I'm a pretty new reader!


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