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Monday, January 7, 2013

Celebrating. The Santa Barbara Way

After the proposal Nadav and I were running on some serious engagement highs (okay, we're still running on some serious engagement highs) and decided to do the tourist thing in Santa Barbara. We started the afternoon at Stearn's Wharf and had lunch at the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company. The restaurant is at the end of the pier and has the most beautiful view. The food was decent, but think it's definitely on those places you go for the view over the food. ;)

So it was a tid bit windy =P

I really enjoyed my shrimp scampi, and Nadav decided his crab sandwich was "all right". We both really liked the clam chowder.

Santa Barbara really is one of my favorite places in Southern California. It has that small town beachy charm that just gets me every time. So happy that it's always going to be a special place for Nadav and me. 
(Annndd the fact that my brother lives there doesn't suck either =P)

Hope you have a sweet week :)


Lindsay said...

I went to California once with my BFF back in 2010 and we went there! We thought the same thing -- food was alright (but the chowder was good!) but the views were amazing. I couldn't get over how many amazing views there are in Southern California. We may live on some gorgeous beaches here in South Florida, but we don't have the mountains and hills and crazy views that you guys do. Loved every minute of it!

Congratulations again!!!!

Treasure Tromp said...

completely love SB. What a lovely place to have as a special place between the two of you!
love love

Heart my Hart said...

oooor that i'm from there! ;] holler!

Ash said...

ooohhhh FUN! i was just telling justin how much we need to get back to central coast-ish area (:

Lisamarie said...

Can you believe I have NEVER been to Santa Barbara. This fact totally bothers me.

Evani Gatsby said...

I absolutely love Santa Barbara, I told Rob that if we had to move far away from our families, it would have to be there. It's gorgeous, the weather is impeccable and I love the food too! :) I'm glad you and Nadav spent your lovely engagement time there!


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