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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mish Lovin' Life Ad Space Giveaway

Michelle, Oh Michellleee...
Well Michelle and her man (aka the Dizz) just sold all their belonging, hopped on a plane to Europe, and are currently traveling ALL OVER THE WORLD
Basically they're living my dreams, and I am living vicariously through her blog posts.

Point is, Michelle is awesome and she writes with honesty and humor... my favorite. 
Also, traveling around the world makes for some pretty ridiculous blog posts. Let's just say that her blog has been one of my daily reads for a long time.

Even more awesome? Michelle and I have teamed up for a little giveaway. Woop to the wooop
Enter below to win two months of 200x200 ad space on Michelle's blog.

Good Luck Friends =)


Evani Gatsby said...

Oh I adore Mish. This is definitely a giveaway I want to win!

lauren jean allece said...

Oh gracious, I love both of you ladies and your blogs so much, what a great giveaway! Thank you both so much for the opportunity!

Heidi said...

I love her blog! And I love sponsoring her too! Such a sweet and awesome person!


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