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Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy List.

1. Standing in the middle of the produce section of the grocery store on Monday night and feeling a bit of a high. Ya, shopping for this week's dinners made me kinda happy inside #WhoAmI?? I swear that this time last year the kitchen gave me major anxiety.
2. Friendships, old and new.. and especially those friendships I've built through the blogging community. ;)
3. The very beginning of wedding planning. Eep!
4. McDonald's chocolate dipped ice cream. That ish just doesn't get old.
5. My man, and his decision to spend last Saturday night installing my new closet organizer. Yup, I win. hehe
6. Spending Passover in Israel. So so soo incredibly excited.
7. The show Girls, and how horrendously awkward it is. Obsesseddd
8. The weekend, oh the weekend. I am so so happy you are here.
9. Getting off of the couch, going to boot camp, getting through a seriously intense workout, and feeling really really good about it afterwards.
10. The start of a new year, new possibilities, hopes, and aspirations.

What's on your happy list this week? =)

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Kristen said...

Sounds like you had a good week! The kitchen givese anxiety and that makes me feel bad for my husband ha! Hopefully I will get over that soon!

Betsy Transatlantically said...

what a happy list! for the grocery thing... I was talking on Twitter with someone about how, whenever we grocery shop like a grown-up, we want EVERYONE to notice and applaud. like, "look! there are more green things in there than microwavable meals! applaud me!" haha

Jay said...

I cannot wait until Girls is available on my iTunes - I'm dying to watch more of that awesome awkwardness!

Beatrice said...

Passover in Israel will be AMAZING!!

Kara said...

YAY for number three!!! Can't wait to see it all come together for you two! :)

Rachel said...

What a great happy list! On my happy list for the week: a phone call with a best friend, and listening to music!! Happy Friday!

Rachel ~ Topaz n Pearls


Treasure Tromp said...

Passover in Israel?! So incredibly exciting! And will we get to see any of the wedding planning?

Erika @ rouge + whimsy said...

confession: i love grocery store shopping + meal planning. biggest nerd ever.

Anonymous said...

yay wedding planning!! :) please blog about it because i'm excited for you! and i totally agree with mcdonalds ice cream. sooo good.

Jessica said...

Oh, you are going to Israel?! So lucky! Some day the I want to go back, but with the husband this time! -Jessica L

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Love that pic! Wedding planning can be fun, try not to let it stress you out.

whurlygurl said...

I would take a picture of my two cute dogs Molly "Border Collie" and Pucci "terrier/poodle". I also would take pictures of anything nature/landscape.


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