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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day Surprise For My Love

To My Love,
I know, I know Valentine's Day is not really your kinda thing, but it's our first Valentine's Day together as an engaged couple. I think that's pretty special. =) Thank you for being you, for making me smile, and making the happiest I've ever been in my life.
I can't wait to spend my life with you.

Oh and one more thing....
Surpriseeeee, we're going to


I figured a trip to Disneyland would be pretty appropriate, considering it's where you first told me you loved me. 
(Mush mush gush gush)

Okay we're not going to Disneyland today. Silly work gets in the way of fun things, but I have the tickets and we're going soon hehe.

Love you baby.


Heart my Hart said...

we're going too! ;]

happy valentine's to you both!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

we are going too! when are you guys going to be there?!

Ash said...

we are going as well! holla!!!

great couples think alike (:


Allie said...

so cute! have a great time!

SH said...

What a great surprise! This is awesome!

The Hartungs Blog

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Enjoy your trip to Disneyland! What better place than the happiest place on earth to tell someone you love them? You're such an adorable couple :)


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