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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Poshlocket Giveaway

Jewelry is fun, yes?
It's even more fun when it's cute, affordable, and pretty matches everything in your closet.
Poshlocket is fun (read: cute, affordable, and pretty much matches everything =P) 

Poshlocket even has a nautical collection with all kinds of beachy themed jewl

A few more of my favorite Poshlocket goodies

Want to get your hands on some Poshlocket jewelry?
Pin your favorite Poshlocket items and enter the giveaway below. If you win you'll get one of the items you pinned for free. ;)
We all know free is good. Very good

Good Luck!


Melissa said...

They have some cute stuff!

Chelsea said...

Love the little "sea" motif you have going on with that jewelry :)

Jessica said...

Hey there :) I'm a new reader and it looks like I'm just in time. :P Cute blog!!

Heather Toner said...

I've been hearing about Poshlocket, but never took the time to actually look at their site - I am now completely smitten and have a massive wish list! Thanks for sharing!


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