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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That Time I Went To Maui

All the sickness happening around these parts has me dreaming of a relaxing beachy vacation. I'm itching to get away, relax, and recuperate. Sigh.
Two summers ago the boy and I took a trip to Maui, and well.. it was definitely the best vacation we have ever taken.
We rented the coolest blue mustang. The locals LOVED us.

Lounged in every single hammock I could find. I have a serious thing for hammocks

Swam in some incredible waterfalls

Watched 6 sunsets that just took my breath away

Got super sunburned

Swam with sea turtles

Hung out on a black sand beach

and spent lots of time celebrating us.

It just doesn't get better...

This post was sponsored by HTC, although the opinions and ideas expressed are my own. Photobucket


Lisa said...

Looks like a wonderful time and very pretty!

Maggie Donnelly said...

AAHHH I LOVE Maui!!! I went this past summer for a week with my boyfriend and his family. They go every summer for TWO weeks!!!!! Soo jealous =) I can't wait to go again. I loved Hawaii so much and yeah, I'm totally with you on wishing we could be there this time of year. So much sickness. We just need a relaxing beach! Thanks for sharing memories of your trip! =)

Devon Riesenberg said...

just finished a photo album from our trip to Maui last year, and thinkin' the same thing...need to go back!

Alyssa Longobucco said...

I'm jealous–I've always wanted to jump into (and swim in) waterfalls. Looks like an amazing trip!

The Glossy Life

Anonymous said...

i love how you live in san diego and want a beach vacation. you already live where people go for them! and i'm sorry but as a mustang owner, that one looks like a toy.

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

It looks like you had an amazing time, jealous!

Sparkles and Shoes

Lisamarie said...

I basically took that exact same trip. And swam with that exact same turtle. But I did NOT swim under waterfalls. Where was that at??

Cece said...

Funny I should see this today! We are literally trying to book a trip to either Maui or Mazatlan. I don't know which to do!! They both look awesome. We'll probably make it to both at some point. Looks wonderful.

amanda tinsley said...

We were in Maui about two years ago too! The drive up the coast was beautiful! Did you go to Hana? The roads were under construction when we tried. Scarryyyyy.

new follower :)

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I feel like Hawaii is just one of those places where you can't not enjoy your vacation. Unless a storm came through or something. Glad you enjoyed your trip!


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