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Monday, March 11, 2013


Sunglasses c/o Bonlook, Necklace c/o RedEnvelope

Thinking About: How I managed to unload my groceries and then promptly lock my keys in my trunk. #StoryOfMyLife #IDoTheseThingsAllTheTime. Good thing Nadav was able to drive down to Trader Joes, bring me my keys, and save the day. 

Listening To: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. This is all because 1) the name of their band is all kinds of awesome 2) I just can't get "Home" out of my head 3) the music video for "That's What's Up" might just be one of my favorite music videos, ever.

Watching: Friday afternoon evening night I plopped down on the couch for about 6 hours and didn't move except to go to the bathroom and get some water in an attempt to recover from a very long week and decided to give Downton Abbey a try. It's now Sunday evening, I'm almost done watching Season 2, and am very sucked in. For the record, Friday afternoon evening night also lots of comfort food, in the form of a huge spicy shrimp burrito from Cotijas (Drive-thru Mexican food is the only way to go. Please, please do not come to San Diego and eat Mexican food at a sit down restaurant, it's just not as good) and half a box of Girl Scout cookies. Some days are just like that, yes? 

Thankful For:  Old friends that have come back into my life, even if we haven't spoken in a really long time. I guess that means I'm also grateful for forgiveness.

Cooking: This wasabi salmon recipe and hoping that it turns out well. This week I am pledging to cook dinner (gasp) 4 TIMES! I'll let you if I'm successful hehe know how it works.

Loving/Dreading: The time change. I love that it gets dark much later, but I despiseee waking up for work when it's dark outside. Lame.

Hope you have a great week :)


Betsy Transatlantically said...


but yay for getting into Downton - it's the best! I want to start ALL OVER AGAIN.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

I'm also torn on the time change dilemma.

angie said...

Yummy, i'm always looking for new salmon recipes and this one looks delicious!

Holly said...

Boo time change!! I had to get up for work at 6:00am this morning - it's now 7:40am and still dark outside - that does not make me a happy girl! And, I've been contemplating getting into Downton Abbey - but I fear I'll get sucked in, so I'm trying to hold out! I'll probably get sucked in sooner than later though... :)

Cara said...

I'm always so scared of locking myself out of my car or house.

Treasure Tromp said...

oh, I love Edward Sharpe. I saw them a few years ago and just about lost it. incredible!

Anonymous said...

i hate waking up when it's dark outside. and i cannot believe you eat at cotijas! i get horribly sick every single time i eat there. my stomach hurts just thinking about it.

holtkamp said...

i love this picture of you, naturally beautiful with some freckles!

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

Oooh...I have never been to Cojitas. I agree about most sit down restaurants but some are good. If you haven't been to Don Bravo in Birdrock you MUST go! :)

Classy with a Kick

acornmanphotography said...

Isn't Downton SO good?! You just wait...!


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