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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I Believe

At the Not Wedding which was awesome. Big thanks to Mobile Photo Booth for being so nice and acting like it was totally okay that Olivia and I used their photobooth, (cough) 6 times.

I Believe
- In bumblesbee, sunshine, and lollipops, just kidding In being kinda silly and embracing awkwardness. It happens (a lot, to me).

- In blasting The Little Mermaid soundtrack in my car with the windows down. What you don't do that too? =P

- In going to sleep at 9:30pm on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night.. or any night #gettingold

- In seeing the good in others

- That it is absolutely okay to take as many photo booth photos as possible and take full advantage of any props that are nearby

- In true love (shout out to Nadav. That means you + me = <3)

- That brunch with (multiple) mimosas is the ultimate way to spend a weekend morning, afternoon, that turns into an all day sobering up fest evening.

- That exercise, dancing and movement is good for the soul... and heart

- In saying please and thank you, and always being kind to restaurant servers.

- In surrounding myself with people who encourage me to laugh, smile, and step outside of my comfort zone


Fleur De Moi said...

Yes! Love this list. The Little Mermaid soundtrack is my jam!

Cara-Mia said...

Cutest photo booth photos! :)

It's Sooo Fluffy! said...

I like all of those things :)

Betsy Transatlantically said...

girl. I had my first lollipop in like 15 years yesterday. and at first I thought, "ew, holy crap, this is pure sugar." but then it changed to "thank you, God, this is pure sugar!" yum :)

Heart my Hart said...

those pictures kill me!!! :]

Rachel Murphree said...

I love this! Especially the part about singing along to The Little Mermaid. :)
XO, Rachel
With Love, Rachel

SanBriego said...

Cute photo booth sesh.. what's the Not Wedding?

Simply Evani said...

Lol I love testing photobooths! And yay for the Little Mermaid, I have a full disney playlist for my long days at work. :)


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