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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tiki Tika Grill

A few weeks ago I heard about Tiki Tika Grill in Hillcrest, and I was kind of in shock.
"Whattt!? There is an Israeli restaurant in San Diego, andddd it's been open about 7 months? How have I not heard about this place!?!?!"
I love Israeli food. I grew up eating it, and to me, it is the ultimate comfort food.
It doesn't hurt that good Israeli food really is delicious. We're talking kabobs, falafel, lots of hummus, and delicious salads. 

The best part of all this? Tiki Tika Grill is officially the best Israeli food I've had in America. It's just ridiculously good, and to be very honest... I have high standards about these kinda things.

Each meal starts with unlimited lafa bread topped with zatar (a yummy Middle Eastern spice) and 4 small salad dishes with each meal. I also recommend ordering a side of hummus, it goes perfectly with the bread. 

Order a limonana, which is lemonade with mint, if their blender is working. If it's not, just wait until next time. =P

I ordered the shnitzel sandwich on lafa bread. The chicken was perfectly crunchy yet lean, the salad was delicious, the seasonings were right on, and the tehini was just perfect. Nadav ordered a chicken shawarma sandwich and he really really loved it. I would bet everything on the menu is great though and I intend on going back many times to try as many items as I can.

We treated ourselves to chocolate mousse for dessert and like we expected... it was also realllllly good.

I guess you can guess what I'm about to tell you....
If you're in San Diego puhlease check out Tiki Taka Grill.
You will leave very full and very happy. =P


Setarra said...

Nom nom nom! I've never had Israeli food but your pictures look scrumptious!

Christina Wrightsman said...

Yum! I'm hungry now...

tiarenie said...

This made me so so hungry! Would love to try Israeli food.. Sounds right up my alley!

Rachel Murphree said...

I CRAVE zatar some times. Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely have to go there! My boyfriend's brother in law is Israeli and lives in San Diego, so I will be sure to make them go check it out!
XO, Rachel
With Love, Rachel

holtkamp said...

wow that sounds amazing! i tried falafel for the first time this year, can't believe i waited 30 years to try it!

Jill J @ Classy with a Kick said...

What?? I love Israeli food and am so happy there is a place locally! I have not had a good Israeli salad since I was in Israel years ago. Thanks so much for posting this. I think I need to start a to-go list of all the places you recommend! :)

Classy with a Kick

Cara-Mia said...

I really want to try this! But I want to go with you because you are the Israeli food expert. :D

Jess said...

That all look fantastic- I would eat there in a second if I was nearby!

Some Snapshots Blog

Simply Evani said...

Okay seriously, that bread is making me salivate. I'll take an order right now!

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

ummmm first of all chicken shnitzel on lafa is my GO-TO ORDER. literally it is the first thing i learned how to say fluently so i could order it wherever i went in israel.

second... when you come to LA i will be taking you to the hummus bar, which is our version of that yummy sounding restaurant.

third of all... i crave zaatar and limonata with mint (nana) ALL THE TIME!


Treasure Tromp said...

oh my goodness this looks AMAZING!


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