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Friday, May 10, 2013

As Of Late...

I'm a sap, and oh man this story really got me. Talk about true love.

C&C California is having a BIG spring sale. I mean big, like I just did some serious shopping 5 minute before I had to leave for work big. CHECK IT OUT. (Cough, I just bought a cute leather dress for $19.99 big) Oh, and then I was extra pleased with myself after I found a 30% off promo code, CCMOM30 . You are welcome ;)

Remember when I said I'm taking 1 carry-on to Europe for almost a month. Wellll this is the bag I'm thinking of taking. **Crickets**

Bravo's new show "Newlyweds The First Year" is is gooood, real good. Funny story, last September Olivia, Farra, Kelsey and I went to Palm Springs for a girl's weekend. While we were lounging at the The Saguaro's pool we just happened to make friends with Blair and Jeff. Yessss Blair was completely and utterly fabulous.

Dear Kate Spade, I want this, Yes please and thank you.

Oh and Mom, happy happy Mother's Day. There's no one out there who can brighten my day like you can. I only hope that one day I will be an amazing mom like you. Love you =)


Anonymous said...

okay the first link had me in tears. total sap. and i love that you are going to try to only pack a small bag! awesome!

Jessica L said...

So I just decided to take a break from homework, and er blog reading, and that is seriously the BEST LOVE STORY I've ever read in blog land. Thanks for sharing and for making me cry on a Saturday morning. -Jess L

Jamie Pilgrim said...

ooooh, that link to the spring sale with the discount code is going to be dangerous! (I surely can't be the only one not to be trusted with a debit card and online sales?)

Also, I just recently took a trip to europe with only a carry on- For me it wasn't too bad.. until I had to return after raiding H&M and thrift stores... oops!

Just remember though, the less cloths you pack the more of an excuse you have to buy some there ;)

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

You and your Mom are too gorgeous!


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