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Monday, May 20, 2013

Scenes From A Lazy Saturday

Some weekends are meant for lingering, cuddles on the couch, lots of chocolate, and little to no plans.
Oh and spicy shrimp burritos. Lazy weekends should always involve spicy shrimp burritos

This weekend I also had the chance to try out my new Snugg ipad3 case. I like that it's sturdy yet slim and easily fits in my purse. It also keeps my ipad upright on our soft couch or on a table. The Snugg ipad cases come in lots of colors, and this pastel blue is perfect for me. :) If you're looking for a low cost ipad case check out the Snugg. You won't regret it. 

Wishing you a happy happy weekend
This is a sponsored product review for The Snugg. All opinions are 100% my own


Anonymous said...

when i get an ipad i might have to check out that case! it reminds me so much of my kindle case that i love! and i love that blue color!

Cara-Mia said...

That case is so pretty! And that burrito made me hungry, but not for the healthy lunch I packed haha. Uh oh.

Daniella said...

It looks like you are lovely weekend.

I adore that iPad case, the colour is so pretty.

I love your blog xxx

Taylor said...

cute ipad case! i love that colour!

Rachel Murphree said...

Haha, that picture of the burrito just made me so hungry! It looks like a lovely weekend!

Lauren said...

spicy shrimp burrito?! yum!


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