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Thursday, May 9, 2013

That Little Lost Camera

Farra, Cara-Mia, Lisa, and I having fun in the Amigo Booth at the Madewell San Diego opening party. It's true, this photo has nothing to do with the content of the blog post. Eh?
I really don't have the best track record when it comes to taking care of cameras.
There was the camera that I mysteriously lost in the snow at the Sundance Film Festival while I was in college (Oh and sorry to the girls who were there when that happened, I had a minor meltdown about it. In my defense it was my first time playing in the snow since I was a teensy little kid and I was really sad about the photos I had lost). The camera I dropped and broke at the train station in New York City, and even the waterproof camera that I somehow let go of while snorkeling, and then frantically tried to save as it sunk down to the bottom of the La Jolla Cove.
See what I mean? Bad track record.

Anyway, a few days ago I reached into my purse and realized that I couldn't find my beloved point and shoot camera. (Seriously the Canon S95 camera takes incredible photos, I use it to take 1/2 of the photos I post on this blog and receive lots of compliments on those photos). For a day or so, I pushed the thought out of my mind, "it will turn up.. no big deal". Then another day went by, another day went by, and a few more days.
"Maybe it fell out of my purse??"
"Maybe I lost it last Friday night in Little Italy?"
"Maybe one of my coworkers used it at work and forget to tell me?"

Yesterday I started to stress.
Today, I really started to stress and contemplated looking up prices for the camera on Amazon.
Then I got into my car after work, sat down, and promptly dropped my keys on the car floor.
I reached down, and what do ya know...
There was my little camera. 
Hip Hip Hoorayyy

The moral of this little story?
Maybe what you're looking for has really just been right next to you all this time. Slow down and look around you. ;) 
(Oh and try to pay better attention to my electronics. They're too expensive to ruin and lose this often)

Dun da dunnn.


Anonymous said...

i am always so afraid of losing or breaking my camera (and phone). thats why i haven't gotten a dslr because i'm terrified i will break it. i'm glad you found your camera! :)

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

this EXACT same thing happened to me with the camera my mom got me for hanukkah. lost it, freaked out, was sad, a month later i braked HARD and BOOM it flew out from under the seat!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

So glad you found it! I have a 95 too and love it!!!


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