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Monday, June 10, 2013


On Friday this guy managed to sprain his ankle.

Wamp wamp. He also moaned and groaned while limping around all weekend =P
Because of this (the sprained ankle, not the moaning and groaning hehe), we cancelled all of our weekend plans and laid low. There was no rock climbing, birthday party at the beach, or dinner with friends. Relaxing all weekend is not something that is easy for me to do in a beautiful place like San Diego, but I did it last weekend (well with the exception of boot camp and lunch with a friend) and it was all kinds of wonderful. 

I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday. 
That is something that has never ever  happened before and you know what? It felt good and health-ier (Okay it would have been healthy if I hadn't remembered about the gelato in the freezer. Oops)

Saturday afternoon was spent catching up on Game of Thrones (and for the record, WTF?!?! I thoroughly enjoy that show but it exhausts me!!!) and doing some European vacation planning.

We only left the house on Sunday evening to watch the sunset over Mission Bay.
The best part of the weekend?
Well the best part was really taking the time to sit and enjoy being with Nadav.
Talking, cuddling, and not worrying about all the other things we could have done that weekend.

It really makes that whole "home is wherever I'm with you" thing sink in.
I treasure that feeling.

Now if I could just work on slowing down more often....


Anonymous said...

i hope he feels better! sounds like you guys had a good weekend!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Oh no! I hope he feels better quickly. Gorgeous sunset pics!


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