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Monday, June 3, 2013

It Was A Good Day

Sunday was a 
sleeping in, coffee in bed, and a Rick Steves marathon kinda day.

It turned into a 
Farmer's Market, Street Fair, and beachy kinda day.

and Sunday well, it ended with a
sushi dinner, frozen yogurt, and Mad Men kinda night.

Nadav and I checked out Solana's Beach annual street fair, Fiesta del Sol. In English, Fiesta del Sol means Festival of the Sun which is awesome, except that June Gloom has hit San Diego. I hope the festival reminds the sun that it needs to come out more. =P 
Fiesta del Sol takes place right next to the Del Mar train station and overlooks the ocean. It's a cute little fair complete with lots of vendors, good music, food trucks, and a beer/wine garden. My kinda place.

The sushi at Station Sushi was really good, buttt the service left somethings to be desired. They have a few great happy hour deals, so if you're feeling the need for some sushi wait until happy hour and expect to be ignored for awhile by the servers. ;)

I take my frozen yogurt seriously, and I was very impressed with Yummy Yogurt. The flavors were really good and I liked the texture of the yogurt. I'm kinda weird about the texture of yogurt. I like it to be thicker, more like ice cream. =P
Apparently Nadav really enjoyed his frozen yogurt too. ;)
How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

i completely forgot about fiesta del sol! i was in solona beach too!

Treasure Tromp said...

can't go wrong with sushi and frozen yogurt!


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