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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vava Vida

I believe...
- In helping others
- In empowering others
- In taking care of our environment
- In supporting companies that make fair trade a priority, and are willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure that the people who make their products are treated well.

(Oh and sometimes I don't believe in brushing my hair... but that's neither here nor there =P)
All jokes aside, I am really excited to share VavaVida with you today. VavaVida  is a local San Diego company that sells a wide range of fair trade, organic, and eco-friendly products. On their site you'll find beautiful handmade jewelry, beauty and health products, yoga accessories, and even chocolates. They even donate a percentage of each purchase from their site to PCI Global, an organization that strives to promote the economic and social empowerment of women all over the world. I really really love that. :)

Oh, and the "healing hearts" bracelet I'm wearing above? It's handmade by an artisan in Kenya who makes and sells beautiful jewelry in order to provide for her family. This month 25% of proceeds from each sale of this bracelet will go to PCI Global and, in turn, will help ensure that sick children in Kenya receive the health care that they need.

Amazing, right?
Even more amazing, today I get to team up with VavaVida to giveaway a $25 gift card to be used on anything on their site to one of you.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh and in case you're curious, here are some more of the goodies available on VavaVida's site
Awesome, right? :)
Good Luck!


Cece said...

Their jewelry is beautiful! And i'm not the biggest fan of combing my hair either!!

Vava Vida said...

Awesome post. Beautiful pictures. Tammy, I am so excited about this!
Thank you for writing a lovely post about VavaVida. We try our best over here to do the right thing.
Thanks a bunch! ;)

Elyssa said...

I love that you don't brush your hair... I find the days that I don't brush my hair are the days it looks it's best. :)


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