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Friday, July 26, 2013

As Of Late

Am I the only one who feels like July has just flown by? Between the work/school year coming to an end, the 4th of July, out of town visitors, my birthday, and Comic-Con this month has been a really beautiful crazy ride. It's been fun, but also forced me to really stop and reflect on more than 1 occasion. (Don't worry Mom nothing horrible has happened. Cough, I've learned that you need to watch what you write when your parentals read your blog hehe). I'm grateful for those times I stopped to reflect, the changes that resulted from looking deeper into my own actions, and the changes that will continue to come. On that note, I'm really not to keen on change, but I'm working on that too. ;) #EndVagueBlogPost #OkayIKnowItsAnnoying

In other news, the trip to Italy and Paris that Nadav and I have spent so many months planning is almost here. It's kind of a weird feeling though, and I imagine that this is how I will feel when we get married too. We've spent so much time planning this thing. Is it really here and is it really about to be over feeling??? Either way, I am beyond excited, a little nervous (well nervous about things like hotel reservations and car rentals going awry), and so looking forward to exploring two new places. There's nothing that makes me happier than traveling. Le sigh. :)

Some other things that are probably worth discussing...
- I'm still offering buy 1 month of ad space and get 1 month free on my blog. The deal will last until Monday afternoon. :) If you're interested go here to purchase ad space.

- I will be packing three and a half week's worth of clothing and necessities in this bag. Holey moley, what have I done??? Want to know the craziest thing? Taking 1 carry-on for a 3.5 week trip was MY IDEA, not Nadav's. He plans on videotaping me while I try to pack this weekend and laughing while I freak out hehe.

- Three years ago I splurged and bought this Sea Folly bikini top with these bottoms. The bikini is super flattering, doesn't show too much skin, and stays up when I'm being thrown around by waves. I love my Sea Folly bikini so much that I really didn't feel the need to buy another suit for three years. A couple of weeks ago, I changed my mind and got the same exact suit in emerald green. #IStickToWhatILike My point is, if you're looking for a good quality flattering suit check out Sea Folly. ;)

- I'm in serious need of some great book recommendations for my trip. Any suggestions? :)

- Just wanted to say thank you for continuing to read this little blog of mine. It really means a lot that you keep coming back.

Hope you have the most wonderful weekend


Mayette Villanueva said...

I agree about July going by so quickly! My birthday and Comic-Con, more specifically. Did you dress up?!

Darianne said...

I think the year period has flown by. Soon we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving.

Have you read Sister by Rosamund Lupton? Its one of my faves!



Libby said...

Your thoughts of "is this it and is it really over?!" are exactly why I tell all my friends to do destination weddings or to make a weekend out of your wedding! The day goes by soooooooo fast (everybody says that but you really cannot believe just how fast) and I wish soo badly that I would have just gone to hawaii with 20-30 people and made a vacation out of it. Would have been amazing!


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