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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Birthday Wish List

Oh and Little Brother, you were missed on Saturday night!
My birthday is on Saturday and lately I've been getting the ole "sooo what do you want for your birthday" question a whole lot. The truth is there really aren't too many things I really want for my birthday, but what I really want is to..

- Be thankful for the blessings in my life
- Spend time with the ones I love
- Never take the ones I love for granted
- Really truly enjoy the moment
- Learn how to better communicate what I am feeling (without getting emotional)
- Spend lots and lots of time at the beach
- Remember that giving really is better than receiving
- Find beauty in the small things
- Be kinder and more patient
- Take better care of myself physically and emotionally
- Spend less time sweating the small things
- Travel lots and lots and lots
- Oh, and to get married by my next birthday ;)

What are you wishing for?


Rachel Murphree said...

Aww, this list is so inspiring! :)

Erika Pingatore said...

I would definitly want all the same things you do, except the getting married part, I'll hold off on that one for now :)

It's great to see a bloggers who isn't all about the material things, finding beauty in the small things is definitely a must.

I hope you had a blast on your day.

Happy belated birthday!

Erika Pingatore said...

Oh darn!! Sorry I read that wrong I thought your birthday was last Sat lol

So in that case, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! i really like your list! especially the last one!

Jessica L said...

Hope your birthday is the happiest one yet, Tammy! And I second your birthday wish list! -Jess L

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic list, and happy pre-birthday!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you get all your wishes!


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